Gionni Yitzhak Turns 1: Our Faith Story from Conception to Birth

My little boy, Gionni, turns 1 this coming Friday. To celebrate his first year, let me share with you our faith story from conception to birth. 

I hope our story encourages you in your faith journey. The Lord knows, the Lord cares. He loves you. Involve Him in every season of your life. Allow His story to become your history.

faith story

My Exceedingly GREAT REWARD

Three years into our marriage, we started to believe God for a child, we specifically ask for a boy. Months (till a year and a half) have come and gone but still... no baby. In fact, I've held many one-man-pity-parties whenever my period comes. Yeah, I was that desperate.

I've also tried various methods to conceive. Nothing worked! This Psalm perfectly describes my emotional state during those times, 

I am weary with my groaning;
All night I make my bed swim;
I drench my couch with my tears.
My eye wastes away because of grief;

- Psalm 6:6-7

It took me a year to realize that my trust is no longer on the Lord. I'm too focused on having the baby that my heart is no longer at rest in His love for me.

I knew I had to cease from whatever I was trying to do to conceive. And when I did, I was able to hear from Him clearly...

Fear not, Abram Gladys [I claim this promise as my own]:
I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward."

- Genesis 15:1

His promise gave me so much comfort that my heart was, finally, at peace. I've rested on the fact that He is a good God and He will never fail.

faith story

Word of Knowledge

Two months, after I found comfort in His Word (Genesis 15:1), a friend came by to visit. Before she left, we ended our time with prayer. When it was her turn to pray, the Lord gave her a vision. I can only recall what she said -- a baby boy

My response? I smiled. When our friend related what she saw, something had already changed in me. My heart was already rested in Him. I simply said Amen (So be it, Lord).

Now, let me tell you that I never once shared our struggle with anyone. But the Lord remembers...

The Test

Two weeks after that, I then took a pregnancy test. I was a little scared, you know. "What if I get negative results?" No... I don't even want to go back there.

I've decided to give all my sorrows to the Lord. And that's it! Discouragement needs to end. I believe He will take care of our situation.

Since the message was already delivered, I had to step in faith. And yes... it was positive. Twenty-one weeks into the pregnancy and the gender was confirmed. It was indeed a boy! Praise the Lord!

faith story


My pregnancy was uneventful in the first two trimesters. I thank God, I don't suffer morning sickness and all. But, I got PUPPS in the last month of my pregnancy. Huhu!

Child Birth

Where do I begin? I labored 35 long hours for our little love. I was fully dilated 6 hours into active labor, but the baby wouldn't come out. I was tired and extremely exhausted. (Note, I labored at the Birthing Center at this point. It was all-natural so I fully feel everything.)

Because of that, we elected to be sent to the hospital, have the epidural and the C-section. I was disappointed 'coz I wanted to have the baby without medical intervention. But the advancements in medicine is a blessing in itself too.

Strength in Weakness

Thank God, I was able to rest a few hours after the epidural shot. The doctor also scheduled me for the C-section operation. But when I woke up, oh my, this earthen vessel kept on pushing on its own.

"I'm already spent. Jesus help me!", I cried. And there at the foot of my bed, my Saviour stood. (I don't mind you calling me whatever, but this is my experience.) 

I couldn't explain how. I truly believe that it was the Lord who gave me the strength to go on. And... no C-section happened. Praise the Lord! 

Then Gionni could say,

"By You I have been upheld from birth;
You are He who took me out of my mother’s womb.
My praise shall be continually of You."
- Psalm 71:6

The reason he got stuck? One of his arms is up, hand on his face. I'm grateful that his heartbeat didn't slow down during the whole ordeal. 

faith story

Refused Discharged

This doesn't seem to end, I know. The doctor refused to discharge us 3 days after having the baby because I was low in iron and the baby is jaundice. They did tests and draw lots of blood for both mom and baby. I was worried about the bills. 

We went to the Lord regarding our situation and took holy communion. Would you believe this? When the test results returned the next day, all is well. We can go home. Hallelujah!

faith story

In and of myself, I knew I can do nothing. He is the 'Great I AM'. In whatever areas of our lives that need saving, we knew we can always trust Him. He is our all in all.