Swimwear x Zaful

If money is not a concern, we'd be at the beach by now. We'd be having fun swimming in the crystal clear waters of Sta. Fe Bantayan Island Cebu or build sandcastles in mile-long sugary-white sand beaches of the Bahamas. (And why not? It's nearer from the US).

While I'm here sitting at my desk daydreaming, I've curated 9 cute swimsuits from Zaful. What's your favorite on the list?

Zaful swimwear

1 - Cross Back Pineapple Print Plunge Swimwear
2 - Padded High Neck Crochet Bikini Set
3 - Strapless Floral High Cut Bikini Set in Mustard
4 - V-Neck High Cut One Piece Swimsuit in Black
5 - Tropical Leaf Zigzag Monokini
7 - Plunge High Cut Front Striped Swimwear
8 - Checked One Shoulder Ruffles Swimwear in Blue And White

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Haha! Swimwear#1 is a homage to SpongeBob Squarepants.

I have not tried swimming with a crochet bikini (swimwear#2). The material may absorb water. But if you really love this look, you are still able to wear this. I have seen babes at the beach doing whatever other than swimming. You could be watching beach volleyball or taking cool photos on Instagram. This one is your statement piece.

Swimwear#3 is a popular choice from Zaful's sexy gold bikini line. I could never pull off a bikini. All the more now that my body is full of battle scars from childbirth. I gravitate towards safe classic styles like swimwear#4. Hopefully, monokini's like swimwear#5 work wonders in mama's post-natal body too.

This high-waisted bikini set (swimwear#6) reminds me of TayTay. (View more of this style from Zaful's website.) The play of stripe details on swimwear#7 is interesting. Now I'm curious how this looks on different body types.

I like swimwear#8 it looks like a bodysuit. Easily pair it with denim shorts and big hoops. Playful and amusing best describes swimwear#9. (Do check out Zaful's micro bikini here.)

Lastly, is this see-through one-piece (swimwear#10). As long as it perfectly hides those stretch marks, I'm good.

As mentioned above, we'd love to visit the beach soon. Not because we're dying to have a vacation, but for our little one's skin condition.

Our baby boy suffers from eczema. As parents, it breaks our heart looking at his wounds that never seem to heal. Eczema is very itchy. Anything that touches his skin has the potential to irritate. :'(

I heard from other parents, whose children also suffer from the same skin condition, that sea breeze works miracles. There could be some truth to it.

You see, both the husband and I grew up on an island surrounded by bodies of water. Our skin drinks sea air 24/7. Our little boy has our genes after all. His skin must have been looking for that salt content in the atmosphere. Who knows? I'm making theories here, but it does not hurt to try.

Anyway, those are my picks from Zaful's swimwear line and why I choose them. Again, what's your favorite on the list?