Skinny Distressed Jeans: A Zaful Wishlist

Hey there, here's to another wishlist from Zaful. For this post, it will be all about the skinny distressed jeans. Check out what I've curated below.

zaful wishlist

ONE  |  TWO  |  THREE  |  FOUR

Three months after giving birth, I still have 15 pounds more to lose. Sigh, I can't wait to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes again. Skinny jeans are my go-to, especially when I get too lazy to think of what to wear. Really... these skinny jeans are so easy to style.

You see, I'm averse to the idea of sizing up. I mean, the solution is not to size up on my wardrobe but to lose the weight. (Ugh! Talk about pressure.)

These skinny jeans are perfect pieces for Fall. I'd pair it with a cute sweater and booties. Or perhaps, a leather jacket with sneakers.

How would you style these skinny distressed jeans? Let me know in the comment section below. I love reading them.