Unboxing: Kate Spade Cameron Street Large Lane in Island Waters

One of my favorite past times is watching unboxing videos on Youtube. I feel excited whenever these ladies open their packages. It's as if I'm the one opening it. Aah... I love the smell of brand new goods.

I thought... why not do an unboxing post as well.  So here we go.

"She is sooo pretty!", was my first reaction when I opened the box. I had to IM (instant messaging) it to my husband to show off. (Hahaha! As if he'd be interested.) Really, I could imagine him rolling his eyes.

Every time I see this Kate Spade bag, I could imagine a feminine delicate lady. I don't why. Perhaps it's just me and my overactive imagination. (0.0)


I'm happy that the Kate Spade Cameron Street Large Lane is just the right size for my petite frame and my current lifestyle. 

What I like about mini duffel bags is its roomy interior. Moreover, it doesn't overwhelm my petite frame at all. Yay! I could carry more girly stuff now.

Too bad, summer is ending. I could have chosen a hue that complements the coming season. But... but... I love the color. Well, next spring/summer then.

The best part? I got this on sale. Yay! Thank you, Kate Spade. Oh yeah, there's also an option where you can monogram your bag with your initials. It's only for $10. In case, that'll interest you. ;)