Hi ya'll! Over the weekend, Gideon and I traveled to Colorado to attend a seminar at Charis Bible College at Woodland Park. Do check out my previous post : Colorado Bound to find out what I packed on our trip to Colorado. The mountains are really beautiful out there.

pikes peak mountain colorado

Pikes Peak mountain is so beautiful, isn't it?

colorado springs

We stayed at Radisson Hotel at Colorado Springs on our first night but we weren't able to sleep because of altitude sickness. Man, it's hard to breathe! I don't know why but Radisson Hotel doesn't provide guests with slippers, so make sure to pack yours when you come to visit. Oh, you get spectacular mountain views [from photo above] while enjoying your breakfast at Radisson Hotel. ;)

radisson hotel colorado springs
woodland park colorado
woodland park colorado
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woodland park colorado
woodland park colorado

On our way home we've spotted deers. ^.^ I kind of wish we live in there but then traffic is really unexpected. 

Missed our Flight Home

We got stuck in traffic for more than an hour driving from Colorado Springs to Denver to get to our flight back home. We've underestimated the traffic in Colorado! It was unfortunate because it costs money. I was shaking and teary eyed when we got to the check-in counter because I knew that we didn't make it. :'( The good news is, our airline attendant rebooked our flight free of charge and move our schedule early in the morning. Praise God! We've decided to stay at Denver Airport Marriott at Gateway Park to let my emotions settle in and rest up for the night. You should check out the hotel's restaurant if you happen to visit Denver's Gateway Park area. Food is great! ;)

Despite our experience, missing our flight back home, I was happy to have attended the seminar at Charis Bible College. I'm really thankful to God for making us part of what He is doing at Woodland Park. I'm so glad to be able to go places, meet people and experience new things with my husband.

"Because memories and relationships are the only things I can bring with me 
for the rest of my life."

Have you experienced missing a flight back home? How do you respond to such tight situations?

It's easy to react to unexpected situations but no matter what the circumstances are Gideon and I continues to trust that God is with us and is protecting our every steps. We may not have the answers to the whys but all things work together for the good of those who love God, those who are called according to His purposes.