Create Your Own Coating Design with Spray Paint

Hi, y'all! Happy New Year! How did your holiday celebrations go? I hope it was a blast! :D I'm sure most of us are back to our normal lives by now: taking on new challenges, seizing new territories, and winning new battles. 2016 will be an exciting year!

Today, I'll be sharing some fun DIY projects I did at home using spray paint. I've gathered all of my clear glass vases as well as some glass containers, I've found in the kitchen and then coated it with metallic spray paint.

Home Decor Ideas Using Spray Paint

I did a little twist to this project as compared to the previous project I did last year. I've added some fun designs on the coating of my vases & containers using painter's tape and rubber bands. Below are photo illustrations of how I did it.

To measure the distance of the coating alignment on the container pictured below, I cut small portions of the painter's tape and place it on top of the covered area. I then removed it, once I'm happy with the distance, before proceeding with the paint job.

Home Decor Ideas Using Spray Paint

I've wanted to add a nice wavy design on the vase found on the top-left corner of the photo below. I've used a rubber band to do this. I did adjustments on the rubber band to accomplished my desired design and carefully covered the top with painter's tape.

Home Decor Ideas Using Spray Paint

More designs...

Home Decor Ideas Using Spray Paint

The last project is a bonus. I didn't use spray paint to do this, instead, I've used Krylon gold leafing pen to draw circles around the container and use the finished product as a paintbrush holder.

Home Decor Ideas Using Krylon gold leafing pen

If you're wondering what spray paint I've used with this project, it's the Rust-Oleum Bright Coat Metallic Color and Rust-Oleum Metallic Spray in Gold.

So there you have it!

Note: When using spray paint, be sure to wait in between coats, which takes about 1-2 hours, before spraying the next coat to let it dry. After you're happy with the result, let the spray paint fully dry within 24 hours.