Jerusalem : Instagram Photo Diary

Perhaps, I'm not yet done mourning the demise of my social media accounts associated with this blog? Nah! Actually, the opposite it true. Ahahaha! My life is so much easier now or if there's such a word as 'free-ier' then that would be the right word. I'm so done with the constant pressure of thinking what to post and the insecurities I felt seeing those highly coveted social media accounts. We'll I'm just being real here and I feel I've made the right decision. While it's true for me it may not be for you.

These photos are the last of the remnants saved from my doomed instagram account: acourantprncss. It details my recent trip to the Promise Land, Israel.

Well, this type of post could be the last of it's kind. Hehehe! But we'll never know, it might rose up from the dead sooner than we think. :D Do check out my post: Israel Travel Itinerary for more Israel travel tips and inspirations.