My Week in Photos : Business Affairs

I believe I'm a champion for surviving one of the most hectic schedules of my life. And oh yes, I know I'm over emphasizing it. Last week my bosses and colleagues from all over the world flew in to our company's HQ here in Singapore. That would mean meetings, events and lots and lots of socializing involve. To be honest, socializing is really one of my weaknesses that I really need to overcome. We'll you can't blame a Software Engineer turned Automation/QA Engineer who is used to facing her computer everyday right? My job has turned me into an introvert. Ahahaha!! Anyway, here's a review of my week in photos.

Photo above is taken from Orgo Bar & Lab at Esplanade. From the bar you can have great views over Singapore's famous landmarks.

Someone is caught in a bad hair day.

I really like the venue for our 'Staff Social' party. It is located in one of Singapore's high end district which is at Grange Road. Most of my colleagues partied from late afternoon till dawn.

How about you? How did your week go? Let me know in the comment section below.