Malacca, Malaysia: A Travel Guide

Melaka, dubbed "The Historic State" is the third smallest Malaysian state, located in the southern region of the Malay Peninsula, next to the Straits of Malacca. The capital is Malacca City, this historical city center has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 7 July 2008. ~ source wiki

Malacca, Malaysia Travel Guide

Are you someone more inclined into history and culture? Perhaps Malacca in Malaysia is the perfect travel destination for you if you're looking for a quick weekend away from all the stress accumulated from work. I was so amused to find out that the city was so culture and history-rich.

Take note most of the popular tourist destinations are within a walking distance with no entrance fees. Don't forget to ask for a map of the hotel. It would usually take a day or a half to scour the area. It's definitely one of the recommended travel destinations for a quick weekend away.

Getting There

It would usually take a 3 - 4 hours bus ride from Singapore to Malacca depending on traffic conditions. I remember buying a deal when we visited the place for back and forth bus transfers and hotel stay in Malacca but you can check out bus schedules from Konsotium Express and Tours Pte Ltd.

Malacca, Malaysia Travel Guide

Where To Stay

We stayed at Hotel Seri Costa in Malacca. Check out their site for room rates and packages. Here's our room at the hotel.

Malacca, Malaysia Travel Guide

If I remembered it right, the bus dropped us directly at our hotel and from there we just walked to Malacca's popular tourist destinations.

Here are the places we visit in Malacca, Malaysia. If you forgot to prepare in advance, you can also ask for a map or travel guide from the hotel lobby you are staying like below.

Malacca, Malaysia Travel Guide

Don't forget to check out the Places to See in Malacca, Malaysia here.

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