Life and Stuff: Hey, What's Up?

maison lavande in summer: montreal, quebec

Wow, how long has it been since I've sat down and gathered up my thoughts? My work schedule has freed up so I have extra time to do whatever. That means, low to no income. Ugh, I need to find a new job.

The problem with new work is... I'm required to come in on a physical office now that Canada is opening up from the lockdowns. (My current company is in Singapore so I've been working from home since 2015). I get separation anxiety being away with my family. Duh, it's not like I can't make adjustments.

Though the hubby encourages me to stay home, I simply don't want my education and years of experience to go to waste. Also, I prefer to have my own income because I like stuff and travel. Well, some people go crazy doing nothing. I fall into that category. Yes, it's one of the reasons why I suffered from depression in the past. Read here.

How do you convert your time to cash? Sigh, I wish I have a side hustle that is as lucrative as my IT job. 

Anyway... what have you been up to these days?

I have been working out since March of this year. Then mid-June, I educated myself on diet and proper nutrition. The spark began when I couldn't fit into my old clothes, my face rounder than the moon, my arms stuffed like sausage. No good.

Some people still look good whilst gaining weight. I don't. I blame it all on my petite frame and face shape. (lol) There's no way to go but move. 

Sure, exercise is hard especially when you start out from a sedentary lifestyle. Give it five months and your body will ask for muscle pain. (lol) At present, my day isn't complete without sweating it out.

My initial goal for doing it is to lose weight, but it changed over time. Now, it's about building a strong, healthy, and (ahem) toned body. Who wouldn't want that?

The environment I'm in is a huge factor in this too. This summer, I couldn't help but notice these beautiful, at the same time, ripped Canadian women. I found a number of them everywhere. On the sidewalk. At Walmart. At the park. In the restaurants.

I thought women and toned muscles don't look good together. Maybe because I'm thinking of bodybuilders. Surprisingly, I find them sexy. A shredded, ripped body is sexy. Hard work is sexy.

This year, I'm also back to posting outfit posts. That's because... I don't do much thinking doing poses and editing photos. I was busy automating test scripts -- job-related stuff -- half of this year my mind shuts down after working hours. Are you the same?

Also... when the warm weather hit, we took lots of short road trips here and there, I simply couldn't sit down. Truth is, I feel ashamed for brazenly saying, I'll focus on my writing especially for my other blog Shouts of Wisdom. I failed. Big time. 

Will I be back to writing now that I got loads of free time?

At this point, it's better to not make commitments I can't keep. I'm still in prayer for the next steps of my life. Should I look for a job? Should we try again for baby #2? 

Whichever path I take, I trust that the Lord, my God will go before me and direct my path. Should I fail and fall, He will lift my head back up again. And again.

If you have been following this blog, thank you. Life is magical when shared.

Have an awesome weekend then! ;)