Home Library Interior Ideas April 2020

Of course, everyone is saving right now. That's a wise strategy given we won't know until when this lockdown will end. It's of utmost importance to prioritize our family's basic needs like food, rent or home mortgage.

So why am I even posting stuff like this? Because it's nice to daydream a little. Will you join me today?

I missed our home a lot! Actually, I've been watching tons of model home videos in Austin, Texas on Youtube. Doing so makes me all the more eager to come home. Sigh. I wish it's as easy as that.

Isn't it wonderful to live in a place you love? To me, it makes an extended lockdown even more tolerable. Especially if I'm surrounded by books. Add a nice to that patio and a well-manicured garden, ah, I could feel the wind gently caressing my face, the hot Texas sun on my back and the smell of freshly cut grass in our yard. Home.

Hmm... I wonder when will that be?

For months, I've been brewing ideas on how to update our home library. See here. I'm drawn to a collected interior style mixed with traditional, classic, modern pieces. Travel has had a huge influence on this.

Do you have this habit of picking up stuff from places visited? I do. They remind me of our time there spend. Other than photos and memories of course. How about you what's your interior decor style?

Anyway, here's the interior idea I've come up with to update our home library. Check it out below!

home library interior design
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bookcase  |  We already had three of this bookcase. I'll add glass doors to them to make it look nicer.

marbleized box  |  This is used to hold little trinkets like rings, earrings, keys, or whatnot. The marbleized design matches well with our kitchen island. So yes!

knot figure  |  Cute on top of a coffee book. And it's an item designed by McGee & Co for Target. They are one of my favorite interior designers in the US. I've always wanted to buy something from their shop but let's face it, they're quite expensive. Nope, I don't think I can get my hands on their collection right now so let's just add list this on.

dining table  |  Functional. This can be extended for more room. Great for entertaining guests. In this case, I'd like to use it as a center table where I can do some writing just like this.

rug  |  I highly recommend rugs from this vendor due to their quality and reasonable pricing. Here's a look at what we bought for our living room last year. Check it out here.

pillowcases  |  Simple modern design. It can match anything.

vase  |  Hand-finished. Love the texture and the subtle peach color on this vase. Add dried branches or preserved florals and viola! Everything in the library room will look put together.

daybed  |  Velvet, chic, sleek and comfy. I can't wait to lounge and read a book here.

stool  |  This is actually a garden stool. But it can also be used as a side table.
What do you think of this interior style? Does this resonate with you? Or do you prefer something else?