Thoughts on Toddler Screaming

It has been a month since the government imposed lockdown. Everybody craves normalcy. Whatever that means to you. Life has become monotonic. A routine. With no variation.

We all yearn to break the humdrum of repetition by stepping outdoors, breathe the fresh air of freedom and release the accumulation of tension gripping us by the throats. But that's an indefinite wish for now. As of writing, no one has the answers we so long to hear.

What used to be normal has turned into a hazard. If you go out you'll be risking your life, your loved ones and others in contact with you. Certainly, everyone is looking forward to that day when we can once again fly like a bird! But will it ever be the same? Am I asking for a lot? Well, time could only tell.

At home, there were laughing days and screaming days. The latter is the hardest part to deal with. For toddlers, it's normal in their development. To adults, an annoyance.

At their tender age, toddlers are trying to communicate as best they could. But they are still figuring out the ways of this world. They had a hard time expressing due to a limited vocabulary. What better way to do it than to scream, right? It's accessible! It's the easiest way to get mom and dad's attention.

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Here are the reasons why toddlers scream based on my experience as a 2-year-old mom.
  • When you're not looking at them or your attention is somewhere else, they scream in protest.
  • When they don't like something, e.g. parents suggestions, they scream.
  • When they insist to do it their way, they scream.
  • When they could just say no, they scream.
  • When you say no, they scream.

I must say, these were loud shrieks! These little tots sure want to be boss. It's frustrating. They are equally frustrated themselves. It's no wonder we want to go out from time to time. Let me be clear, it's not always like this. But when it happens bam! it can surely put you off balance.

So how can a parent deal with a screaming toddler? Will you react or will you respond? Truthfully, you will find yourself in between. If you're looking for ideas, Google is your friend.

Us, parents know our children best. There were times you get what they mean behind those yelling and screaming, other times you don't.

When the latter happens, when I can't seem to understand him no matter how much I try, I shut down, close my eyes, drown out the noise and distance myself from the situation. I do this to avoid myself from getting angry. Other times, I get irritated which then leads to anger. Of course, they happen!

Children can really be unreasonable but they are children. For millennia, toddlers have been acting that way. There's no escaping it for parents unless they could afford nannies. I'm sure, you and I acted the same during our toddling phases.

If there's a lesson I could gain from this experience, it is this.

It shows me who I am in times of frustration and my automatic response to the situation. Through this awareness, I can make changes to improve myself and become a better mother parenting my child. We'll fail, as I've said countless times in this blog but it doesn't hurt to try.

Parenting sure is tough. Thankfully, toddler screaming is just a stage. Also, those screaming and yelling will be offset by the bright happy days. Praise God, they happen a lot more often than the former! So hang in there mom and dad, we'll get through this!