Life Lesson: The Sky Is Your Limit!

I was young, clueless and naive. This happened in my early 20's. I had a two-year-old cousin who was the darling of the clan -- our mother's side of the family.

He was adorable, fairer than your average Filipino kid and has this cute chubby cheeks, legs and arms everybody likes to squeeze. We were definitely in love. But there was a problem. He couldn't talk properly. Not until in his third year.

At first, we thought he had a speech impediment. My family advised this is normal. After all, every child developed differently. Agreed!

We tease him every time he sharpens his words. I will never forget what he'd say when he's thirsty. He would utter the words, 'ted ter'. That means he wants to 'drink water'.

We baby talk to him saying words like 'go-go ga-ga', me being the leader of the offensive team. Our vocabulary instantly morphed into a 6-month-old thinking young children don't understand. Moreover, it's cute that way. So let's leave it at that.

Not until I became a mother myself. It was then I realize the foolishness of our actions. Children do understand. Teasing them every time they try their best to emulate how the adults' talk discourages them to further the skill. This is what my son taught me, witnessing his development.

Life Lesson: The Sky Is Your Limit!

In fact, I did the same to him. (I'm ashamed to say, old habits die hard!) Laughing at his funny pronunciation of words -- a medley of audible and mumbo-jumbo sounds. He ran inside the bedroom, making it clear to me he doesn't like what I did. The husband frowned and gestured to follow the little boy inside. I did and tell him I'm sorry.

Could this be his personality? Maybe. But what's clear to me is that children have feelings and they understand. Although they aren't capable of vocalizing words yet, they are trying their best.

Making fun of how they do it will only discourage them from furthering their practice.

No wonder my little cousin took a while to talk. Whenever we teach him to enunciate the words properly, he refused to follow. He could be thinking, you will only embarrass me when I do. 

You see, he had the potential but he was limited by his environment -- that's the simple-minded people surrounding him, me especially. lol.

What's Limiting You?

You have potential. You are as capable as the person you look up to, may it be your boss, your professor, your idol, whoever that may be. You too are fearfully and wonderfully made just like them.

The problem is we allow our environment to limit us. Children don't have a choice. They could only express their feelings like my son or allow the situation to rein them in just like my cousin. If the adults around them can't read the situation, it wouldn't be corrected.

But you have the choice to rise above the circumstances. Only you can decide to break the ceiling that's hindering you from becoming the best version of yourself. Only you put a limit on yourself.

According to William Ernest Henley,

"It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul."

Sure, some of the people you look up to may have the advantages in life, but they still need to put in the work to achieve what they have now.

Us, who were at a disadvantage (growing up in an environment with more limitations) may need to put in more, going through trials and fires, of purification, the building of character. The path may be tougher but the end result is worth it. You will shine like gold!


It may have taken a long time for my little cousin to learn to talk but he eventually did. Although surrounded by dense people, he pushed his way forward. Just like a normal healthy individual should.

Progress doesn't stop at childhood. You and I are meant to continually grow and become the best version of ourselves. Whatever limitations you may be facing now, only you can decide to rise above it.

Resolve to break the barrier! The sky is your limit!