Niagara Falls View From Our Hotel Room

Staring blankly into space while waiting for whatever word that came to mind, the view of the Niagara Falls from our hotel room looks stunning. My eyes gaze to the varying colors of light as they are projected to the raging waterfalls from the building nearby. They seem to be dancing.

Earlier, there was a fireworks display above the American side of the falls tempting people to get out of their warm hideout places. 

It's cold! Super cold! In fact, the weather outside is many times cooler than the faulty refrigerator we had at the apartment complex. lol. I confess I had a hard time adapting to Canada's freezing temperature. It won't be easy for me considering I grew up somewhere tropical. Nah, I'll be fine. ;)

Niagara Falls: Things To Do in Ontario, Canada

Where to Stay

On our second visit to Niagara Falls, we stayed at Embassy Suites by Hilton at Niagara Falls for a night. That is how I get to enjoy a beautiful night-time view of the Niagara Falls as I was writing this post.

The hubby got an upgrade from his HHonors membership, so we got a suite. Thank you very much!

When words fail my keyboard, I'd simply glanced out of the glass-paneled windows to rest my mind. "A writing career is not so bad!" Wouldn't it be amazing to write as a living and live anywhere in the world? So how do I get myself to the New York Times Best Selling Author list then? XD. Gosh, enough daydreaming!

Where to Eat

We had our dinner at The Keg, located on the 9th floor of the hotel. The food? It's okay. I'm expecting more given the steep price. Oh, well!

What happened the next morning...

Everyone is excited to get up and see the Niagara Falls view from our hotel room. Unfortunately, the fog was dense that morning. We cannot see anything. Boo!

But we got a surprise 30 minutes before check-out time. The fog cleared! Woohoo! Thus, the photos you see below. ;)

Niagara Falls: Things To Do in Ontario, Canada
Niagara Falls: Things To Do in Ontario, Canada
Niagara Falls: Things To Do in Ontario, Canada

Night view.

Niagara Falls: Things To Do in Ontario, Canada

Look at the landscape above the waterfalls. It's covered in snow! How different the Niagara Falls experience is in winter!

Go here to see how it looks like in the summertime. If you live nearby, visit the Niagara Falls on the different seasons to see other aspects of Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls: Things To Do in Ontario, Canada

I hope our experience visiting the Niagara Falls the second time around is helpful. You have fun then! Talk to you soon.