We Live in a Hotel with a Toddler for a Month -- Here's What It's Like

It's another typical day in our hotel room. The place is a mess with our little boy getting his hands on whatever amuses him at the moment. At times it's with his toy cars, next with the roll of tissue papers in the washroom.

I'm usually at the bed reading manga (a Japanese comic book or graphic novel) or writing on the blog while the hubby is at work.

Woo-woo! The siren of the police car passing by is humming louder than the nursery rhymes playing in the background. Our boy stopped whatever he was doing and articulated the word -- to the best of his 2-year-old ability, "p-lys cah." He then ran to the window to take a peek.

Where to Stay in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Where We Stayed

We called Homewood Suites by Hilton Ottawa Downtown our home for the first two weeks before moving to Homewood Suites by Hilton Ottawa Airport for the rest of the month.

Comfort is vital! We want a place that is as homey as possible considering we're with our 2-year-old. We have loved Homewood Suites by Hilton way back 2014 -- when we relocated to the US. Need proof? We've stayed with them for 5 times in different locations now. Yeah, that's how devoted we are.

What It's Like

Gosh, It's amazing! Someone cleans your room, makes the bed, washes the dishes (I do this at times too), takes the trash, supplies clean towels and toiletries every single day, free WiFi. What else do you need? Food?

Yes, breakfast is served. Homewood Suites by Hilton Ottawa Airport also provides light dinners from Mondays - Thursdays. They call it evening social.

It feels like royalty! I have no complaints. We only have to take care of us and enjoy the city.

Where to Stay in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Where to Stay in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Where to Stay in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Relocating to a new city is stressful. I've done this 3 times now -- from Singapore to Austin, Texas, and this time in Ottawa, ON, Canada -- but, I never get used to it!

Making the transition a little lighter starts by choosing a place that has the comforts of home. Our two year old got accustomed to hotel living in no time. I'm grateful!

It's also thanks to the relocation allowance my husband's company provided that we are able to choose a comfortable place while we adjust to our new environment. Thank you very much!


Are you relocating to a new city? I hope our experience gave you an idea of what's it's like transitioning for the first month to a new city. I wish you well. Talk to you soon then. ;)