Father's Day Gift Ideas 2019

one  |  leather boat shoes in washed red
Interesting shade. It's not for every dad, I know. It's available in other colors though. Check out this one or this.

two  |  chino shorts
I like this for dad. Minimalist, clean and formal. This color looks nice too.

three  |  noise cancelling headphones 
Whoever came up with this idea is a genius. I'd get this for dads who work from home with little kiddos. Also found an affordable version for less than $50. Link here. It's currently on sale for $39.99.

four  |  eau de parfum
Saw this from a youtube ad yesterday. It got stuck on my mind because of its clever imagery. It showed a man swimming and then climbing up on a big tree thriving in the middle of the sea. I thought, hmm... good gift idea for dad.

five  |  toiletry kit
This is convenient to keep toiletries organized in one place. Great for dads who travel. It's currently on sale for 40% off. Also available in white.

six  | men's probiotics
Probiotics are good for dad's digestive system. They keep the gut healthy. There are many other benefits of taking a good probiotic. (Google it for more info). Daddy's health is important to me that's why I'm adding this to my cart.

seven  |  wood watch
I did a campaign with Jord before. I really like their watches. They are running promotions right now for Father's Day. You might want to check them out.

eight  |  polarized sunglasses
Help protect dad's eyes from the sun's UV rays by gifting him with sunglasses. This is actually a concern of mine whenever my husband drives towards the sun. Love the classic design of this one.

nine  |  kindle or kindle unlimited subscription
If dad likes to consume information/knowledge, get him a kindle. If he already has one, pay for his kindle unlimited subscription for one month. It's price at $9.99.

There you go. I hope you already had one in mind for dad this coming weekend for Father's Day. Have an awesome one! ;)