Red Velvet Jacket x Beaded Bell Sleeve Top

These days it's challenging for me to do fashion posts. I had to shoot using a tripod and a remote control. You could imagine the trial and error and the 100+ photos to choose from.

Tip, toe, sssshh.. I had to do it quietly too 'coz our little guy is sound asleep.  

Really, I don't have to blog. And I don't even care if someone is reading this or not.

Uhm... I'm pretty shy with people. This started since our move to the US. And I work from home. So I had fewer opportunities to interact with people. (No, you don't count social media interactions.) To me, blogging is an outlet.

It's kinda funny coz I don't feel nervous in front of the computer screen at all. (Maybe, you can relate.) When in fact, you don't even know who's looking. Oh, the irony of life! 

Zaful Beaded Bell Sleeve Top in Black
John Little Gray Knee-Length Pencil Skirt
Madden Girl Block Heel Sandals in Black