Review: Konifer Wooden Watch

Who still wears watches these days? Aye, aye! Yeah, I'm soo old school. I'd still prefer checking out the time on the watch/clock. This is my way of cutting off the time spent on my smartphone. You know, those notifications always scream for your attention. ;D

In relation to that, I'll be sharing my thoughts on this wooden watch from Konifer Watch. It is in Sequoia Maple. Keep on scrolling down to find out more...

Konifer Wooden Watch Product Review
Konifer Wooden Watch Product Review
Konifer Wooden Watch Product Review
Konifer Wooden Watch Product Review

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Konifer Wooden Watch in Sequoia Maple

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Konifer Wooden Watch Product Review

What I Thought

The item arrived less than a week from Canada to Texas. It is packaged in a simple natural box with a black velvet interior. If you want a nicer one, you can get their wooden box accessory, made from bamboo, for C$25. The wooden combo will be a great Christmas gift this year. ;)

* Lightweight
Despite its appearance, the watch isn't heavy. Uh-huh, you read that right. It is NOT heavy! In fact, I don't feel like wearing one when its actually on my wrist. 

*Easy to style
I like the natural blonde color of the Sequoia Maple. It's easy to mix and match it with different outfit styles.

* Hypoallergenic
No, it's not itchy at all. I have not experienced any allergic reaction to it. And it has been 2 weeks since then.

* Price
A little bit expensive. (But hey, this part is subjective.) Also, shipping is free worldwide.

And here's a trivia for you. Konifer Watch teamed up with, that means, 1 watch sold = 1 tree planted with WeForest. Cool, eh!

(P.S: This wooden watch was sent for review but all opinions are my own.)