Dresses & Sweaters: A Yoins Wishlist

I get excited whenever the 'ber' months kicks in because there's Thanksgiving, then Christmas, The New Year's and then my birthday. Oh... how I look forward to the upcoming days. 

With so many happenings to look forward to, dressing up is also an important part of the preparations. And so for this post, I'll be sharing my wishlist from this online shop called Yoins.

First up are casual and fashion dresses for women. Check 'em out below.

yoins wishlist

Black is such a timeless color. It never goes out of style. Also, it is easy to dress up or dress down LBD's (little black dresses). 

The style of dress #2 is so elegant, you could actually wear it in the years ahead. Dress #2 is great to cozy up while enjoying a laugh with your loved ones. And this fashion long sleeve white lace dress, (dress #3), is sooo stunning.

yoins wishlist

And of course, you also need casual ladies sweaters online.  Above I've picked 3 sweaters from the shop.

Sweater #1 is an essential. I mean, if you only ever want to have 1 sweater every fall/winter season, then this is the style you are looking for. If white isn't your thing, Yoins also offers other color options.

Sweater #2 is cute and sweater #3 is sexy and stylish.

To get more fashion insider tips from them, check out their fashion blog from this link.

So yeah, these are my picks from the online shop. What's your favorite from the list? Let me know in the comment section below. I love reading them.