Zaful Haul #1 + Review

So I've finally received my first ever parcel from Zaful. I got me a white flowy dress, tassel earrings, sunglasses, and a handkerchief scarf. Keep on reading to find out what I thought about them.

Zaful Haul Blog Review

Celine-Inspired Sunglasses

I was looking for Celine-inspired sunglasses, so I added this one to my cart. The one from Celine's is pretty expensive for a no income-housewife like me. (Huhu. Poor woman.) But then, hello [you need to shake this woman up from dreamland], wake up! We are talking about the brand Celine after all.

Anyway, this sunglasses costs less than $5. The one from little  Celine costs... eng.. eng.. eng.. go figure here. Haha!

Zaful Haul Blog Review

The quality of this sunglasses is acceptable enough. I mean it's only $5. No complaints.

Also, this online shop offers a variety mirror sunglasses for woman. So if you're looking cheap options, check them out.

White Flowy Dress

I'm thinking, "Hey, this white flowy dress is perfect for my baby's dedication." But I was disappointed when I received the item 'coz it doesn't even fit this big post-partum body. 

I'm an XS pre-pregnancy and I thought, "Maybe an S will fit for now." Unfortunately, it doesn't. My non-existent breasts almost spilled out from the front part. Har har.

Zaful Haul Blog Review
Zaful Haul Blog Review

The quality? I feel like you only get to wear this dress after 2 or 3 washes. But then, for trendy items, you don't have to break the bank with them. My take on these seasonal pieces is to look for cheap options.

Tassel Earrings

The tassel earrings is a fad this season so I had to get me one. I like this. In my opinion, this looks good on me. Haha! (Walang kokontra!) 

Zaful Haul Blog Review

If you ever wonder how pink pearl earrings look like, go check it out!

Handkerchief Scarf

I love this! I'd tie this around my neck as an accessory for fall. 

I could imagine wearing all black from head-to-toe with black sunglasses then this as a neck accessory. (Sounds very Parisian to me.) I like that the flamingo print is really chic.

Zaful Haul Blog Review
Zaful Haul Blog Review

What I Thought

All in all, all these items totaled $30. The quality is acceptable enough. More or less at par with Papaya Clothing or A'gaci or Austin 5 (if you live in Austin, TX).

It took a while for my parcel to arrive in the US, about 2/3 weeks, which is totally understandable as it came all the way from China. 

Items for sale on this online shop are affordable with loads of options. Choose items that you think has a longer wear life (not sure if such a word even exists).

So that's about it from me. More clothing hauls coming soon.