Review: bodycology Fragrance Mist in Scarlet Kiss

The beauty racks at Walmart stores have become my wonderland. I enjoy testing out product samples and thoroughly inspect new items, I haven't tried before. I take my time leisurely, although, I have to be a little considerate with my husband, who's also there to buy groceries.

Ah, I'm grateful that I can afford these luxuries now. You see, I grow up poor back in the Philippines. We only care about the food on our table, roof on our heads, and money to get through the day. Things like perfumes are out of reach.

If you happen to see a lady excitedly hovering around the beauty shelves at malls or stores, that it might be me. I hope I won't annoy your precious shopping time. :P

bodycology Fragrance Mist in Scarlet Kiss Product Review
Enough with the drama! Let's talk about this fragrance mist I've recently picked up from -- guess where? -- yep, at Walmart. It's called the bodycology fragrance mist in Scarlet Kiss.

What bodycology says

Turn heads with our intoxicating fragrance made with rich pomegranate luscious peach and warm vanilla. For a splash of fragrance and energy, spritz lightly on wrists, neck, and shoulders ‑‑ or, for all‑over freshness, spray into the air and let the fine mist gently surround you.

Product Review

  • It's cheap. This cost $3.99 USD for 237mL.
  • The packaging is average. The labels on the front & back are easily scratched. I have no complaints. This is less than $5 USD. Anyway, you can replace it with a nice perfume bottle like this. Haha. Isn't it funny? The perfume bottle is more expensive than the fragrance mist!
  • The scent is quite seductive but doesn't last long. You'll have to reapply as often as desired.
  • The Scarlet Kiss fragrance is strong for my taste. I rarely ever use it.

Overall, the bodycology fragrance mist is okay. It's not a must-have item in my beauty bag but rather a nice-to-have option whenever I want to switch things up. I also use this as a room spray.

I'd consider this as an item for gifting. In fact, I bought other scents from bodycology and put them in a package for shipping to the Philippines. It's affordable and this is not available back there. I'd like my family and relatives to try this as well.

Here are other bodycology Fragrance Mist scent selections. Check it out!


Have you tried bodycology's fragrance mists? How do you find it? Which scent do you like best? If not, why don't you give it a shot and see for yourself?

I hope you find this product review of the bodycology Fragrance Mist in Scarlet Kiss helpful. Talk to you soon then. ;)

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