Houston Day Trip Highlights

Hi yall! How's life been? Last weekend the husband and I spent our 2nd wedding anniversary in Houston, Texas. The day trip to Houston from Austin took a maximum of 2 hours and a half travel time, depending on speed and traffic conditions.

We woke up late on the day of the trip so we weren't able to do all the things we've previously planned for. However, I hope our trip will still give you insights and ideas for your future trip to Houston, Texas.

Things To Do in Houston, Texas, USA

We chose to spend our special day in Houston because of its accessibility as well as the many attractions and destinations it offers. Because we only had a day for this trip we thought Houston is the best place to be.

I'm a huge fan of dinosaurs perhaps it's a childhood thing. When we went to the museum to see these awesome giants, kids are going gaga like I've gone gaga over meeting the real thing for the first time but not so much with my husband. I don't know from which rock he's been hiding under all this time. (lol) #justkidding

Houston Museum of Natural Science

These fossilized dinos are found in the Houston Museum of Natural Science. For more details about this museum, you can check out their link here: http://www.hmns.org/ for pricing and operation hours.

Things To Do in Houston, Texas, USA

There are other exhibits found in the museum as well. Pardon my not so nice photos below because the battery from my DSLR camera died while in the middle of touring so I had no choice but to use my phone camera. Sigh!

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Hall of Ancient Egypt

Among other exhibits found in the museum, the Hall of Ancient Egypt exhibit is one of the exhibits I found to be of interest.

Things To Do in Houston, Texas, USA

The photo above is a real sarcophagus dating back from the time of ancient Egypt. There's a lot of them to be found in the hall as well as real mummies.

Unfortunately, I can't show it to you because it would be disrespectful of me to make a show out of these dead human bodies. One thing I've noticed though is that these mummies are pretty small in size compared to what is considered to be the normal size of human beings.

Things To Do in Houston, Texas, USA

The hall also showcased a replica of the bust of Nefertiti. Like OMG!!! I can't believe I'm standing next to the Great Royal wife! (Of course, I'm overacting.)

Well, even though it's just the replica of the original bust. But still. I'm dumbfounded. I was standing there with mouth wide open and in awe of what is displayed before me.

I recalled watching a documentary about her life just a few days before. How she and her husband Akhenaten rose to power, how they've paved a way to the worship of Aten, her bizarre disappearance from the annals of ancient Egypt history as well as the mystery surrounding the whereabouts of her tomb.

You see, I'm really a huge fan of ancient civilizations and history so this trip is like a mecca to me. I could spend countless hours watching documentaries and stories about ancient civilizations, dinosaurs, and the likes.

Hall of the Americas

Another exhibit that is of interest to me is the Hall of the Americas. The exhibit features the extraordinary accomplishments of indigenous peoples of the Americas from Alaska to Peru.

Things To Do in Houston, Texas, USA

Unfortunately, not much is found inside the hall. I wish to see more about the Mayans, the Incas, and the anomalies discovered from these civilizations, and so on and so forth.

Cherie Flores Garden Pavilion

I couldn't resist taking pictures of this beautiful pavilion we've passed by on our way to the museum and back. There's no need for you to pay for entrance fees to enjoy this beautiful facility.

You can even walk on the spiral path on that mount located in the center of the garden to get a bird's eye view of the entire place. Unfortunately, we didn't take the opportunity to do so because it's extremely hot!

Things To Do in Houston, Texas, USA

After spending the day or shall I say the whole afternoon at the museum we decided to end our trip hearing God's Word at Lakewood Church before heading back home to Austin. I was excited because it's part of my bucket list. Woohoo! One bucket list down baby!

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#Tip: If you are visiting Houston, Texas for more than a day. I would suggest you get the Houston city pass link found here: http://www.citypass.com/houston?mv_source=hmns.

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