April 2015 Highlights

It's been a while since I did a monthly catchup post. It feels good to be doing it again.

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This month, the husband and I decided to satisfy our cravings for sashimi. We're huge sashimi fans! It took us a while to do it because there are not many sushi/sashimi restaurants here in Austin. Plus we're a bit picky. We believe in the motto the 'Fresher the Tastier'.

Austin is a very laid back place. I miss city life big time! Maybe because before we move here we came from busy Singapore. It's a huge adjustment especially on my part because I'm now working from home. I miss mixing and matching my outfits for work so whenever we'd go out I'd make sure to look my best because it's not every day that I'll get to do it.

It's really been lonely for us these few past months. We miss the companion of our family and friends. As I've said Austin is a very laid-back place and because of that, we would make sure to take time to explore the place whenever we can. This month, we've visited Mount Bonnell. The place overlooks Lake Austin. And oh, I've heard that the people living in that area are extremely rich. At Mount Bonnell, I had wished to take beautiful sunset views however it's an overcast sky that day so I wasn't able to take nice photos. So I've tried to salvage them to the best of my current ability.