My Experience Floating at the Dead Sea: Things To Do in Israel

"Is it the Dead Sea's natural buoyancy or my skill?" Haha. Who am I kidding? Wait, I remember it's winter when we came. So we can swim float in the Dead Sea at this time? Turns out, yes, the area is warm all year round.

Taking my time to go a little further from the shore, I walk delicately to maintain equilibrium. "Ooops, I almost slip." A hand immediately seized mine. Thank God, someone is nearby for support. "Okay, here is a good spot. Now, let's try to float." And so my experience floating at the Dead Sea is retold...

The Dead Sea: Things To Do in Israel

Dead Sea Facts

The Dead Sea is biblically known as the Sea of Arabah (Deuteronomy 3:17) or the Salt Sea (Genesis 14:3; Joshua 3:16). Nothing lives in it, due to its high mineral content.

The salinity level is many times higher than that of the world's oceans, making it easy for anyone to float. With its unique concentration of minerals, the waters and mud found in the Dead Sea have long been known to have health and cosmetic benefits.

Did you see those salt deposits and crystals on the shoreline (photo below)? It is just as described in the facts section.

Please Exercise Caution

Be careful not to splatter water to yourself nor to anyone. Protect your eyes and mouth so you won't suffer unnecessary pain if water gets in there. Look out for wounds or cuts, it'll sting and burn.

I'll have to admit, the alleged cleansing properties and speedy healing process on wounds and cuts proved to be right. I've noticed this when it did its work on my freshly formed blisters due to breaking in new winter boots.

I don't know what your pain threshold is, but I'm able to tolerate the burning sensation while my feet are submerged.

The Dead Sea: Things To Do in Israel The Dead Sea: Things To Do in Israel The Dead Sea: Things To Do in Israel The Dead Sea: Things To Do in Israel
The Dead Sea: Things To Do in Israel

Don't Swim, Relax, and Float!

There's no record of anyone ever drowning in the Dead Sea. 4000 years have passed since then and that record remains unblemished. You'll be okay. Just enjoy your 20 minutes at sea. What? Just 20 minutes? Well, if you want to emerge as a dried raisin, then that decision is yours to make.

The husband and I took our turns at sea because there are no lockers nearby to leave our valuables. Bummer, why can't we do it together? Well, someone needs to take my picture floating in there too. (lol)

Squatting down to grab for mud purported to have magical properties, I lose balance then plop! the natural buoyancy took effect, I'm floating! It was the Dead Sea's doing after all. It has nothing to do with skill. Haha. Also, my skin felt amazing after applying the Dead Sea mud. Just don't mind its smell.

On Swimwear

Wear disposable apparel for swimming floating. This is because the concentration of salt wears off your garments easily. Let's be real, who doesn't want to look cute at their photos while floating at the Dead Sea, right? Actually, you can. Just wash it thoroughly.

The Dead Sea: Things To Do in Israel

Gosh, I'm so happy I've crossed one item on my bucket list. Yay! To me, this experience is once in a lifetime. Unreal! I wish to be back someday. I love it!

I hope my experience floating at the Dead Sea gave you an idea of what to expect when you come. Have fun! Talk to you soon then. ;)