My Experience Floating at the Dead Sea

February 16, 2015

The Dead Sea is biblically known as the Sea of Arabah (Deuteronomy 3:17) or the Salt Sea (Genesis 14:3; Joshua 3:16), it's mineral is so high that nothing lives in it. With a salt concentration many times higher than that of the world's oceans, the density of the water in the Dead Sea is so high that anyone can float in it. With it's unique concentration of minerals, Dead Sea waters and mud have long been know to have health and cosmetic benefits.

Floating at the Dead Sea Israel

I can say that our stop at the Dead Sea was one of the highlights of my Israel Pilgrimage. Our tour guide told us that it's either you'll love the Dead Sea or you'll hate it. And I personally love it.

In the shoreline I immediately noticed the salt deposits and crystals on my way to float.

Floating at the Dead Sea Israel

This is it! I'm finally going to try it. Let's see if I'd really float in the water. Our tour guide said there's no record of someone drowning in the Dead Sea nor something sinking in it. Well if you do drown then you'd break that 4000 year old record. Ahaha! 

Okay, let's try to float.

Floating at the Dead Sea Israel

I had a hard time going to a much deeper water level where it gives me enough room to float because the mud below is very slippery. And oh, don't forget to apply the mud on your face and on your body, as mentioned above it has cosmetic and health benefits. Just don't mind the smell. 

The group was advised to wear a decent swimwear for the sake of the other members. The tour company also recommend us to wear something that we will be throwing afterwards because the concentration of salt causes the swimwear to wear off. However you can still use your favorite swimwear, just be sure to wash it thoroughly with water. 


Don't splash the water at the Dead Sea. It'll be very painful if it gets through your eyes and mouth. If you have cuts be careful because the water can sting and burn it even more but I've noticed that the water cleanses the cuts too (this is base on my experience).

Floating at the Dead Sea Israel

Without much effort I was able to float easily. Wooohooo! I even joked around my friends if it was my skill or the sea itself. Ahaha! Don't try to swim in it just relax and float. 

Floating at the Dead Sea Israel

Aaaahh! I love the experience. I wish to come back someday. Don't spend too long. If i'm not mistaken 20 minutes is enough else you'll look like a dried raisin. Not that you want that. 

Floating at the Dead Sea Israel

Remember to bring proper attire just like going to the beach. The washroom and changing area is at the entrance which I find very far from the shoreline. However there is a public shower and changing area near the beach. That if you don't mind someone invading your privacy.

Floating at the Dead Sea Israel

Oh my gosh! One bucket list item ticked off. I've finally made it and floated at the Dead Sea. It's a once in a lifetime experience. I hope to be back someday. I personally love and enjoy the experience. Do check out my post: Israel Travel Itinerary for more tips and inspirations.

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