Leonardo Club Hotel Tiberias: Where to Stay in Tiberias, Israel

Drawing the curtains out, I'm enthralled by the early morning scenery that greeted thy eyes, "Hello, sunshine!" My excitement for the day's tour is fanned aflame seeing the Sea of Galilee from the hotel room balcony. Alright, time to prepare and go down for breakfast!

For the first 3 nights of our 10-day Israel trip, we stayed at the Leonardo Club Hotel in Tiberias. It's an all-inclusive hotel with delicious meals, refreshments, and exciting activities. Details here. The location is amazing.

It is steps away from the Sea of Galilee beaches, Yigal Alon promenade, restaurants, and shopping. We didn't spend much on the hotel premises because we are on a scheduled tour. That won't deter me from sharing our experience nonetheless. Keep on reading...

Where to Stay in Tiberias, Israel

Our Room

Here's a peek. The hotel was packed when we came in. Because of this, we weren't able to get the Double room indicated via email (for couples in the group) from the tour company. This is fine, however. We simply had to push our beds closer.

Where to Stay in Tiberias, Israel

Note: Don't forget to ring your own slippers, toothbrush, and toothpaste. This is not included in the hotel room toiletries. It doesn't hurt to come prepared!


Leonardo Club Hotel Tiberias has a big lobby. It has two big dining halls serving sumptuous Mediterranean cuisine. They offer variety and do menu changes per day.

This is as expected for an all-inclusive hotel, they had to make sure guests won't get bored with the food during their stay. That's just how customer service works y'all!

The guest area is huge with live music in the background, unlimited drinks are served with a view of the Sea of Galilee. In case you forgot to buy souvenirs, shops are located inside the hotel premises too. They also have a lobby bar, a spa, and a seasonally heated outdoor pool.

Other amenities include a kids' play area and a teens' club, plus a nightclub with a DJ. You'll have your hands full!

Where to Stay in Tiberias, Israel

The View from our Hotel Room

Remember the early morning view I talked about earlier? This is the early morning view of the Sea of Galilee that greeted us for the next 3 days staying at the Leonardo Club Hotel Tiberias.

Where to Stay in Tiberias, Israel

Hotel Review

Leonardo Club Hotel Tiberias is a 3-star hotel. It is situated in a prime location. Dozens of shops can be found around the hotel. It is near the Sea of Galilee. The food is fantastic with lots of varieties. (Yes, I developed a taste for Mediterranean cuisine now. Haha.) The lawn is beautifully manicured and the views around the hotel are breathtaking. 

Where to Stay in Tiberias, Israel

Although we weren't able to get the room indicated via email, we still had a wonderful time in Tiberias. Thanks to Omega Travel and Tours for choosing the Leonardo Club Hotel Tiberias as our home of choice for our first 3 nights in Israel.

I hope our experience staying at the Leonardo Club Hotel Tiberias gave you an idea of what to expect when you come. You have fun then! Talk to you soon. ;)