Leonardo Club Hotel Tiberias

February 01, 2015

We stayed at Leonardo Club Hotel in Tiberias for 3 nights during the first part of our Israel trip. We checked in after the first day tour from Ben Gurion International Airport Tel Aviv, Caesarea Maritima to Mount Precipice. Check out my post : Israel Pilgrimage : DAY 1 for the full itinerary.

Leonardo Club Hotel Tiberias Israel Travel Guide

The hotel was packed when we've arrived. Me and hubby were expecting a double room bed for the night but they gave us a twin bed instead. Other couples where given the same. It's fine, anyways we could just move the two beds close to each other. Not forgetting the most important thing, we could finally be able to stretch out our legs. Yaaayy!! That 11 hour flight from Thailand to Israel was just too much. Hehehe.. We'll what would you expect, it's my first long flight ever. Nah! I'll get use to it.


Here's a peek of our twin room.

Leonardo Club Hotel Tiberias Israel Travel Guide

The moment we've entered the room. It dawned on me, "Am I really in Israel? Is this a dream? Pinch me. Whoooaahhh!" I was screaming controllably so that only me and hubby could hear. Hehehe! It still feels like a dream even if a day had already passed. 


The hotel had a big lobby with shops located inside. They have two big dining halls and their food was great. They offer lots of variety and they change the menu everyday. The guest area which is huge with it's own stage is also located at the lobby where they serve unlimited drinks. 

Leonardo Club Hotel Tiberias Israel Travel Guide


Israel is a very beautiful country with rich history. When I stepped outside our room balcony the next day, I was immediately captivated by the beautiful views all around me. Thank God, the weather was perfect that day forward until we wen't back home to Singapore. It had been raining the whole day on our first day at Israel so weren't really able to enjoy much of the views.

Leonardo Club Hotel Tiberias Israel Travel Guide

I wasn't able to take much photos of the hotel because of time. We would usually leave early in the morning and arrived late in the evening for the tour. The pool area was close when we checked in because it was the winter season so we weren't able to take beautiful snaps of this hotel.


Leonardo Club Hotel Tiberias is a 3 star hotel in Tiberias. It is situated is a very prime location. There are dozens of shops around the hotel. It is near the Sea of Galilee. The food is fantastic with lots of varieties. Yes, I'm now a fan of Mediterranean cuisine. The lawn is beautifully manicured and the views around the hotel are just breathtaking. 

Leonardo Club Hotel Tiberias Israel Travel Guide

Even though we are not given the double room as expected we still find this a very good hotel. The only comment I have is that the toiletries doesn't come with slippers, toothbrush and a toothpaste. Overall, this is a very good 3 star hotel. Kudos to Omega Travel and Tours for choosing Leonardo Club Hotel Tiberias as our home in Tiberias for 3 nights. Do check out my post: Israel Travel Itinerary for more tips and inspirations.


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