Mount of Beatitudes (Nature's Very Own Amphitheater): Things To Do in Israel

This hill located at the north-western point of the Sea of Galilee has a hollowed slope that serves as a natural amphitheater, amplifying any speaker's voice. Wow! Is this for real? Then I'd want this in my backyard too. (lol)

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Mount of Beatitudes: Things To Do in Israel

That view. Aaaahh! Such beauty.

On our way to the Mount of Beatitudes, we were welcomed by these beautiful views surrounding us.

Mount of Beatitudes: Things To Do in Israel

Noticed the big rocks on the lower picture. The Israelite's tilled the land and gathered those big rocks in one place to be able to grow crops on the land. Whew! That's a lot of hard work I tell you. I salute their dedication to turning the desert into an oasis.

More views.

Mount of Beatitudes: Things To Do in Israel Mount of Beatitudes: Things To Do in Israel

It's now time to look for a volunteer to climb up the slope of the hill and read a chapter from the Bible to test this nature's very own amphitheater. Oh! There goes our volunteer.

Mount of Beatitudes: Things To Do in Israel

Hmmm.. His jacket is camouflaging among the greeneries. Hehe!!

In the above photo, lower left side, I've marked the volunteer's standing position from the slope of the hill. Yeah, he was really far up there. But when he started to read it's as if he was just standing right next to me. Whhoooaahh!! It's amazing. This is nature's very own. #onlyinIsrael

Spiritual Significance

This is where Jesus Christ delivered the famous Sermon on the Mount on Matthew 5-7 and Luke 6. From the Mount of Beatitudes, you can get a good view of Tagbha and Capernaum which I'm going to take you to a photo tour later on.

Uggghh!! Now, now our shoes got heavier! There's so much mud clinging to it. Geez!! It has rained the previous day so the dirt road turned into a mud road. Everyone is dancing and shaking just to remove it. Heheheh! Well, it's a good exercise anyway.

If you've enjoyed this short photo tour at the Mount of Beatitudes then stay tuned for more.

UP NEXT: Capernaum.