Caesarea Maritima : A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

The first ever site that we've visited during our 8 days pilgrimage to Israel was at Caesarea Maritima. This place was built by Herod. Caesarea Maritima was a great harbour city with an ancient Roman aqueduct and a theatre. Do check out my post : Israel Travel Itinerary for more tips and inspirations.

Caesarea Maritima Israel Travel Guide

The first thing we did here was breakfast. Thank God! That 11 hour 20 minutes flight made our stomach churn. After a good breakfast at the Port Cafe, we were then ushered to a small theatre to watch a short history of the harbour. We then proceeded to the tour the place afterwards.


This is the entrance to the harbour. Noticed the pile of ancient stones from the previous buildings on the ground.

Caesarea Maritima Israel Travel Guide


This is the area where we had breakfast and where we were ushered to watch a short movie of the history of the place. All around,you can see the ruins of eons past.

Caesarea Maritima Israel Travel Guide


I won't be talking much about the secular history of the place since this is a pilgrimage to the Holy Land after all. :)

Caesarea Maritima Israel Travel Guide


We weren't able to join the group by this time because the rain started to pour.

Caesarea Maritima Israel Travel Guide

Note: The photos above are arrange by order of our visit to Caesarea Maritima starting from the Entrance to the Theathre.

When we visited Caesarea Maritima we weren't able to take nice pictures of the place because of the rain. I mean it would have been better to see the blue skies right? Me and my husband weren't even prepared for the rain. The pictures doesn't look like it but it was actually drizzling and our umbrella was still on our luggage bag which was buried inside the pile of our fellow church goers luggages inside the bus. Talk about getting wet on a cold chilly weather. And because of the weather, our camera started to accumulate some mists on it so some of our pictures became blurred.


This is the area where Peter preached the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ to Cornelius' household in Acts 10, placing them among the earliest Gentile believers of the New Covenant. This paved the way for Christianity to spread to all nations. The apostle Paul often travelled here (Acts 9:30; 18:22; 21:8). He was also imprisoned here for two years before being taken to Rome to stand trial (Acts 23:23; 25:1-13).

Caesarea Maritima Israel Travel Guide

Hope you enjoyed this photo tour at Caesarea Maritima.

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