#thecaranzosgoestoVietnam: Travel Update

Hi guys! Today is our Vietnam trip. Woohoo!! I'm such a travel bug. I love to explore places I've never been too. However, this passion of mine is without any hassles.

You see, I'm a Filipino Citizen and because of that, I may need to apply for a visa to most of the countries. So, I've decided to start wandering around Southeast Asia first where no visa is required from us. 

Things To Do in Vietnam
Note: Photo not mine

As of publishing this blog post, we are now exploring the tunnels of Cu Chi. Oh! I really can't wait to share with our travel itinerary, outfit posts (if that ever interest you) or just show you around Vietnam.

For our trip, we will be exploring two cities: Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang. I'm so elated that a new country has been added to my travels. So keep posted! 

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