Review : Original Source Cranberry and Honey Daily Srub

Hey there! Today I'll be doing a review on a daily scrub from Original Source called the Cranberry and Honey Daily Scrub. I was really tempted to buy it the moment I picked it up because it's pink and it was sold for $10++ SGD for 2 bottles (250 ml per bottle) which I think is a good deal.



Introducing the newest members of the Original Source range, our new body scrubs. These are for the days when showering just isn't enough and you want to make yourself that-bit-extra soft and nourished. 425 crushed cranberry seeds are packed into this Cranberry and Honey Daily Scrub, if that doesn't soften you up we’re not sure what will!

Cranberries are best known for being packed full of antioxidants, while honey is the only substance on earth to contain every ingredient needed to sustain life, making them a match made in heaven for this scrumptious daily scrub!

Our daily scrub is the perfect edition to your showering regime, so go on, be proud of your newly smoothed bits!


'Original source scrub + water = 1 soft and nourished you. Be careful to avoid eyes, it's not for them, it's for your body!'


Original Source Cranberry and Honey Daily Srub comes in a see-through bottle that stands on it's black cap which can be easily flipped open. I find the bottle a bit flat in the front side and curvy in the back that gets smaller towards the top which reminds me of a popsicle on stick. Through the bottle you can see the pink scrub and it's black cranberry seeds which is for scrubbing.

  • Sturdy packaging. 
  • Affordable. I bought it for $10++ SGD for 2 bottles (250 ml each).
  • Packed with natural stuffs.
  • The product has a thin consistency and more like a gel which can be easily rinse off.
  • Foams when in contact with water.

  • I find the smell too sweet. I fee like ants and bees could attack me any time whenever I'm applying the product on my body. Ahahah! However the smell doesn't linger too long in the body which makes me confuse if its a good thing or not.
  • Not gritty enough. I was so taken by the price deal that I forgot to read the label in front of the bottle stating that there are only 425 crushed cranberry seeds inside the bottle which I think is not enough for exfoliating the face and the body.

Check out the photo below. Notice that there's only a seed squeezed out from the bottle.

I was honestly disappointed with this product. I've heard good reviews from Original Source but this one is a fail for me. I wanted a scrub that is good for exflolation but I find Cranberry and Honey Daily Scrub not that gritty enough. Maybe Original Source would contest as this product is made for daily use that's why they've made it a bit gentler with lesser seeds. I think you can also use this product as a daily wash as an alternative but not for exfoliation.

Have you tried Original Source' products lately? Let me know your experience in the comment section below.