Sephora Mini Makeup Palette: A Birthday Surprise from Sephora

Picture this. You wake up to the most beautiful daybreak of the year. How could you not, it's your birthday! "It's going to be one awesome day!" You mumbled.

You start your usual morning routine. Possibly by reading a devotional, saying a prayer or meditation. Then exercise. Afterward, shower. Okay, it may not be as elaborate as mentioned above. It doesn't matter. You prepare your day however you do.

A Birthday Surprise

Then you check your phone, read your inbox, and then BAM! A birthday surprise from Sephora. "This is exciting!" You read the rest of the message body and it mentioned claiming your birthday gift from them. Yay, It's good to be alive! Haha. (Note: I received a gift from Sephora because I sign up as a member.) Let's see what it is then. Oh, it's the Sephora Mini Makeup Palette. Scroll down to see more.

Sephora Mini Makeup Palette
Sephora Mini Makeup Palette
Sephora Mini Makeup Palette

What's Inside?

The Sephora Mini Makeup Palette is small with red handles. It's about half the size of an iPhone 5. It has the following:
  • 4 eyeshadows
  • 2 lip glosses
  • 1 blush
  • and a compact mirror

I like that this palette comes with neutral eyeshadow colors. You can never go wrong with neutrals! The black eyeshadow shade can be used as an eyeliner. The lip glosses are okay. However, I don't care much for the blush. It doesn't come with brushes. You'll have to use yours.

Due to its mini size, the palette is convenient to bring for travel. I'll definitely bring mine with me when I go, visit the family back in the Philippines. You'll never know what occasions arise when you're with the loved ones. It's good to come prepared. ;)

What I Thought

Overall, I like the Sephora Mini Makeup Palette. The fact that I received a surprise birthday gift from them is enough reason to like it. Are you a Sephora member? If yes, what birthday surprises have you received over the years from Sephora? Do you like/use it?

This is my first year with Sephora Singapore and I'm happy to have received a birthday surprise from them. Thank you, Sephora! And yep, I do use my Sephora Mini Makeup Palette -- specifically the eyeshadows. Want to see what's inside the Makeup Academy Palette by Sephora? Click here.

There you go, friend. That's what I got from Sephora for my birthday. If you're a Sephora member, look forward to yours. You have an awesome day then! Talk to you soon.

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