Life Update: Settling Into Our New Home

Hey there! Gosh, has it been ages since the last update? Well, moving to another home takes time to settle in but moving to a new country, city, or home that's another story. I guess we are in that settling-in phase now that I'm writing back again. ;) 

Also, I wanted to see if I can still do it given the hiatus. Haha. Anyway, this is another of those catch-up posts. 

So my son, Gionni, has finally graduated from Kindergarten. Woho! Which parent doesn't celebrate their children's accomplishments? But I'll let you in on something, I'm worried...

Why? My son can't read yet. Although I'm happy he's entering first grade this fall, in my head I question if he can survive the next level.

He was doing okay back in Canada but when we move to the US I'm surprised children are supposed to write short sentences and read Beginner books in Kindergarten. I reckon they were still playing back there in Ottawa before we left. lol

We heard the news from his homeroom teacher during his assessment. "Do you teach him at home?" Mrs. B asks. Truth is, we don't. Or I don't. (Mom is in the front seat in this. When children don't do well, it's always mom's fault. Always!) 

How can I... when past midnight I'm still at my office desk, thinking of the best solution to fix software issues at work -- that's been months long overdue. In fact, it's been that way for a while. Since the news of our son's school situation, I've been praying for a lighter workload. 

And the mom guilt meanders its way into my head. How could I possibly neglect to teach our 5-year-old? Why didn't I carve out time? Oh, it's because I was too engrossed in my own career development all those years. Selfish! 

Fortunately, reason kicks in. Too late to wallow in regrets now. What can I do at present?

If I had Hermoine Granger's time turner I'll have time to tutor him. But no, I know my limit. Thus, we decided to hire a private tutor and enroll Gionni, our son, in an after-school program. Though, I still need to sit him down to accelerate his progress.


The pieces of furniture we ordered earlier this year have arrived. Yay! Because of that, I encourage my husband to refrain from going out on weekdays. Unlike in Ottawa, the places we frequent take about 15-30 minutes to drive -- one way. Yes, it's both money and time-consuming. 

Also, we have been going on short drives to nearby towns but I'm not motivated to document any of them at the moment. lol

And here's an update on my work desk in the living area.

Living Area Work Station | Interior Style | Home Design | Home Tour

Gold/White Framed Wall Canvas 
Ceramic Blue/White Jar 
Table from Ikea

I love to collect art on our travels. ;) Do you? Hope you have an awesome week then! ;)