Rihoas Clothing Review

Have you heard of this online website Rihoas? If you're having second thoughts about whether to order from them or not. Take the time to read this review before making that decision.

Last year, I did a wishlist of Rihoas clothing. See here. For this post, I will be doing a review of their clothing. I got the Double-breasted Stripe Tweed Waistcoat in size small and The Mock Neck Frill Trim Knit Top. The knitwear is one size. Glad the fit was okay. I usually wear small or medium.
  Fashion Review | Rihoas Clothing 
Since winter is upon us, I choose the white knit top due to its promise to retain warmth. The material is thick, which might now be obvious from the photo below. It has a minimalistic design with frill trim. Love how easy it is to dress it up and down. See how I styled it here

Unfortunately, it started to pill near the underarm area. And as mentioned previously, it's only one size. Nonetheless, it is still a good pick.
  Fashion Review | Rihoas Clothing 
One time, the husband joked I look like a musician wearing this tweed waistcoat. Haha. Well, it does elevate any outfit. I could put on jogger pants, ankle boots, and a long-sleeve shirt layered with this, and boom, I look put together. Yes, without putting in a lot of effort.

Since it's made of tweed, you just need to be careful of sharp objects hitting your clothing. The buttons don't look cheap and it has a lining fabric inside for a polished look. I'm ecstatic about how stylish this waistcoat is.
Fashion Review | Rihoas Clothing 
Given Rihoas is located in Asia, shipping arrived in two weeks. Usually, a package from this part of the world takes about a month to reach your mailbox. When the package is sent, I was worried because we were relocating from Canada to the US that month. Thankfully, it came earlier compared to its competitors and on time.

In terms of quality, it is good. Not cheap but not high quality. Probably similar to the ones you get from TJ Maxx or Shein. Just choose your items well.
 Fashion Review | Rihoas Clothing

Would I recommend it? I'm a little biased because I'm a die-hard Zara fan. But if you're looking for affordable options check them out too. Rihoas are always having sales on their website.