Fab Style Blogger Videos To Inspire Your Next Vlog

Video is a platform on the ascendency for content development and consumption. Videos bring content to life and give style blogging a fun, multimedia twist. There's a means for any newbie to contribute video material to their site.

If you're thinking that "vlogging, isn't that high-tech, coupled with editing and god knows how many tools?", then the answer is no, it's not. To make a video for your blog, you don't have to be a tech wizard. To splice together parts of video, music, text, and audio, you may use video apps on your phone and simple editing tools and software on your laptop.

Fashion vloggers make videos on new styles, fashion trends, styling tips, the latest purchases or trends, shopping hauls, and other topics. Fashion vlogging has evolved into a full-time business that pays well for many people. The first step is to have a decent sense of fashion and video editing software.

Style vlogging with skillful execution impacts their audience's fashion choices. It takes time and effort to create a single fashion vlog, from styling to choosing clothes and accessories, to execution, shooting, and ultimately editing the video. Are you still thinking about Are you still thinking about how to edit videos? Don't worry. We've got you covered!
Style Blogger Videos: how to edit videos
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But first, let's take a look at some other aspects.

How To Edit Video

The last part must've gotten you all white, so let's add some color to that pretty little face by helping you navigate how to edit your fashion vlog. We've discussed why video is so crucial, as well as various ways for getting around obtaining the said video. Now that you're recording it, you must be hoping it's going to be this one perfect take, but alas, it needs editing! No matter how hard you try it's always going to need editing. But if you look at the video after editing, it only enhances the quality of the video and makes it more visually appealing.

A lot of individuals are concerned because they believe it will take an unusually long period. And that could be the case at first. But, sort of, what we're going to show you today is how you can save a little time and gain confidence in some of those skill sets.

Start With organization

Always start with organizing. This is a common opinion from several other people in the video production industry. The better prepared you are, the easier it is to edit. The first step to do this is to create a folder. Name the folder with the title of the video project. Now whatever else you identify with this, whether it's a project file or something else, try naming it in the convention and put it in the same folder. It is quite beneficial. So now that we have a folder containing all of our files, let's talk about a few considerations to keep in mind while recording.

If you're going to record a video, the basic rule of thumb is to record, edit, and create everything at the same proportions.

Choosing Templates

Now let's dive into editing. First off, explore the available templates that can also be customized. Being prepared with the template idea in advance is always helpful. Now, save this project with the same name. So, there is now consistency with the projects so that when we go to find something or move something, we know from the naming convention where it went.

Import Media

Time to import our media to edit. Here, you may add your own material or choose from a large library of free media. This however doesn't apply to a lot of the video editors. So if you chance upon a decent one, you can change the template as much as you want. Colors, animations, transitions, social media postings, shapes, emoticons, and other elements can also be changed.

Making Cuts and Edits

Start by making necessary cuts here and there. There are hotkeys and objects that will allow you to do that. However, you're just going to slice it up. If it takes too long, chop it up and crop the beginning and end. Cropping, on the other hand, is simply going to the start or end of a clip and pulling it in to tighten it up and remove those superfluous portions. That is always critical. You can also polish your edits at this stage.

Finishing Touches

Add music and annotations where necessary. Repeat the process of previewing, editing, and repurposing your video. And once you are happy with the result, hit that publish button.

Inspiration Junction

Since you're all set in the editing department now, let's inspire you with a few ideas to get your vlogging started:


Fashion lookbooks are an excellent way to show off a new clothing line, a new season's selection, or a few must-have items. You can choose the classic background style, which the majority of fashion lookbooks focus on, so the clothes stand out as much as possible while keeping the surroundings as simple as feasible. Or if you like a more daring design or brand, and you enjoy taking risks, and going out of the box, then you can choose a cold background with bold colors to stand out.

Interior Design

What better way is there to please yourself than renovating or interior designing your home in a way you never thought of before. Through interior design videos, you can inspire audiences with regard to choosing color combinations, patterns that go together, and much more.

Decorative pieces

Making a video that captures your decorative pieces can go a long way towards capturing your audience's attention. Your taste in decoration speaks a lot about you as a person. And people always love when the story is a personable and relatable one.

Happy Editing

Now that you've finally overcome your fear of editing and have some mind-boggling ideas, you're all set to get started with your video! Once you've finished editing, publish your work and soak up the views.