Townhouse Interior Design: The Living Area as of September 2020

Do you like the color blue for your home?

townhouse interior design

When we first became a homeowner back in 2015, the husband and I favor cozy, warm, and homey for our home interior. We just got relocated to the US at that time, but the year before, we dreamed of living in our very own.

At first, we thought our permanent address will be located in Singapore. But we got the surprise of our lives when the husband's company move us to the U.S. Uhm... actually it's an answered prayer. ;)

In my first attempt with interior design, I went with beige, browns, and pinks (the last shade being my favorite color). See here. They are safe colors. Easy to pick. Fewer decisions to make.

But after giving birth to our firstborn, I've moved on from warm beiges. This time, I know what I wanted to look for a sofa: durable, minimal cleaning effort or easy to spot clean, darker hue to hide traces of diaper blowouts (with babies this can happen) and markings of little dirty hands.

Hence, the blue sofa. Thanks to Pinterest for flooding me with ideas. This is the specific interior design by Stephanie Gamble that kindled my inspiration.

Since then I stick to cool shades: blues and grays, incorporating live greens if possible.

townhouse interior design

If you've read my post early this month, A Place We Could Finally Call Home: Ontario Edition, I've talked about our recent move to a new rental property, a townhouse.

This post is an update from that. There have been changes. We've added curtains so we no longer live like a housemate in Big Brother. An area rug, which agrees with our blue sofa. And a chinoiserie jar in the dining table which I've been coveting for ages. I got it from HomeSense Canada for $30 CAD. If you also like this kind of design, below are other similar items.

townhouse interior design
townhouse interior design

I can say, our living area is 95% done. I'm thinking of adding a round mirror or a large rectangular art in the dining wall.

I'm still not sure whether to place decor on top of our TV or not. Maybe, 3 pieces of framed art? Any ideas?

My intention is not to overwhelm our new home with things, avoiding the overly decorated, crowded look. Also, it's easier to move out if you only own a few stuff. Trust me, I've been there a hundred times. (Okay, the real number is divided by ten.)

Then add touches of greens here and there.

Here are the deets of our living area:

townhouse interior design
townhouse interior design

Now that the dust has settled in our new place, I could finally relax. Phew! I could finally go back to writing consistently, thinking post ideas for this blog and the other: Shouts of Wisdom, and reading all my backlog paperback and hardcover books.

I'm envisioning myself curled up under a throw blanket while drinking decaf or tea, now that the cold weather has rolled in.

Do you love to read as well? If yes, what lessons, story, message, or idea is holding your attention at the moment? Here's mine: Startle and Illuminate: Carol Shields on Writing.


I never thought I'd love blue for our home. In fact, I'm happy I got this shade for our sofa, though damaged by our constant moves, it has lived up to expectations.

How about you? Will you consider this shade in your current home or in the next?

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