Light And Airy Curtains Round Up

Since most of us are spending all our days indoors, I thought it best to round up 9 light and airy curtain ideas for the home.

Sure, we all want privacy. Who wants neighbors to see your business? I remember how uncomfortable it felt exposing your day to day life to outsiders. It happened the first few nights after we move into our second home in Austin, Texas. Due to my indecision, it took us a week or less to install curtains or window privacy films. It felt like living inside a fishbowl. We could literary see our neighbors checking us out. Yikes!

We had a 12-foot high ceiling in our living area. Long curtains are expensive. I don't want to waste money buying pairs that won't fit the interior style I want to achieve. Bright and airy spaces appeal to me. So I thought about getting linen curtains or linen look-a-likes.

What's your home interior style? If we share the same taste, check out these 9 light and airy curtain ideas below.

Light And Airy Curtains Round Up

one  |  Made of 100% Belgian flax. This means the linen woven is made in Belgium, imported, and constructed elsewhere. You can buy it unlined or with blackout lining which is great for nurseries and bright bedrooms. This one is in natural color; great if you want to achieve a more classic look. Here's another in white.

two  |  The tab top insert reminds me of the Lenda from Ikea. The latter is what we bought for our dining area. This is how it looked like Christmas 2018.

three  |  This one is on the pricey side. It's light gray but looks white online. Here's a cheaper option in dusky pink. Unfortunately, both only come in 98" length.

four  |  This one is a linen blend curtain. The longest length available is 95" and comes in many colors.

five  |  This is what we got for our living room. See here. It's cheap for $49.99 per pair. We got the long one at 300cm. The 250cm option is sold at $39.99 per pair. That's affordable!

six  |  My ultimate favorite from the list. If not for the price, this is what I'll get for our living room. Love its soft texture and classic look. The drape’s 3-in-1 construction offers three hanging options: pole pocket, hanging loops, ring top.

seven |  A heavy linen blend curtain. Unlined with a 3" pole pocket, hook belt & back tabs.

eight  |  Comes in many colors and sizes. This one is made of 100% pure French/Belgian linen. This means it is both made and woven in either France or Belgium.

nine  |  Breezy and relaxed with a subtle stitch border on the sides. It comes in many colors and sizes.

Which one will you most likely get? As mentioned, mine is this. I saw it in-store. They sure look elegant. It gives off a classic appeal to any room. But since they're expensive, I'd still go with what we got for our living room. Your turn!