Cute Outfit Ideas for Valentine's Day

Do you remember the first time you fell in love? Oh, how wonderful it all felt! The sun is brighter, the grass greener, the sky bluer. You recognize beauty everywhere you turn. It’s like gaining brand new eyes.

Parting with the beloved for mere weeks felt like a year of separation. Ugh, can’t the date come sooner? You grumbled. Combing the calendar for the mark you made earlier, "I wonder how many days left till date night?" As if you didn't know when it's been the hundredth time since you last checked it.

The mirror and you have become best friends. Should I wear this or that? How should I style my hair? The thought of seeing that special person takes your breath away, you simply want to look your best.

Even your closest kin notices how you’ve transformed from a grab-and-go slacker to a serious style aficionado. And how could your friends miss the sudden vogue you don these days?

The days pass you by you with so much anticipation, excitement, and euphoria. It’s like walking on Cloud Nine.

Is this you or does this remind you of yourself while you were dating the hubby? I confess this is me. lol.

If you're here looking for inspiration on what to wear this forthcoming love celebration, you're in the right place. Check out the 3 cute outfit ideas for Valentine's Day curated below.

Cute Outfit Ideas for Valentine's Day

Outfit One

I'll let you in this two-year-old insecurity of mine. It happened immediately after I gave birth to my son. You may have to guess what it is.

Yep, it's thy bulging belly. lol. My mid-section ballooned way more than I had hoped it would during pregnancy. It never reverted back to its original form. Boo! My only hope is a tummy tuck. Haha. (Like I can afford them.)

My quick-fix solution? Hello, peplums, wraps tops and loose-fitting blouses. (Girl, you need Spanx too! Okay.)

However, if your mid-section is not a problem, peplums or wrap tops still works as it is super-flattering. It gives you the illusion of an hourglass figure because this style nips at your waist and flares at your waist.

For the first look, I've paired this dangerously seductive red wrap top with flare pants and sparkly accessories. If wide leg pants are not your thing, get this style. Not a fan of the color? You can never go wrong with this one.

Outfit Two

After moving way up north (story here), I've come to realize people who live up here spend Valentine's Day in wintry weather. lol. (Admit it, you don't think these things when you live in warmer regions, do you?)

Now that I live in Canada, I've come up with this look for Valentines Day: turtleneck top (here a non-turtleneck design for you), floral pencil skirt (Too early for Spring? How about this one or this color or this style.), boots, coat, and a white clutch.

If you don't live up north, simply trade the boots for styles like this and pair it with a matchy-matchy bag like this.

Outfit Three

During my elementary grade school days, my mom would always clothe me with pretty dresses to attend special events or church. (Okay, I'm not really a fan but I get along just fine.)

But this, oh gosh, it's delicate, polished and oh-so-elegant! I'd definitely wear Spanx like this if the time ever comes I get to afford this. lol.

Yes, I'm aware most of my picks here lean towards the pricey side, but these are simply ideas for you. Awesome, if these are like spending pennies to you. But for me, I like to dream a little. lol. What if I can? That kind of vibe.

If you can relate, high-five! Daydream with me, okay? ;)

So I wasn't able to place the clutch due to space issues, which design would you prefer, simple or embellished? I believed the latter pairs well with the shoes.


There you go, friend! I hope I was able to inspire you to curate that lovely date-night outfit you've been brooding over for days.

Which do you think you'd most likely be wearing? Come on, don't' be shy. Take your pick. Mine will be outfit three. That dress is exquisitely pretty! Now your turn.

Whichever it may be, I agree you have great taste! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day date then. Talk to you soon. ;)