Our Favorite Asian Grocery Store in Austin, Texas, USA

I like my food home-cooked. We love gathering around the table during dinner time: talking about our day, enjoying each other's company and of course savoring the food even if it's just Maggi noodles. Haha!

And because both the husband and I grew up in Southeast Asia, it's no wonder we prefer preparing meals from our home country. ( Actually, he cooks 'em most of the time. ;) )

Out of the Asian grocery stores we've visited here in Austin we liked 99 Ranch Market the most. Now, I'm not paid to do this. This is just my honest opinion.

Asian Grocery Store in Austin, Texas USA

The place is a little bit nostalgic because it reminds me of the grocery store we frequented in Singapore when we were still living there -- called FairPrice.

Why We Love It

It's the variety of items they sell that sold us.

  • the cleanliness
  • how they organized their shelves
  • fresh meats (pork meat with skin on, yeah?!) and veggies
  • Also, a lot of Asian products are represented here -- from the Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand among others.
  • They also have a bakery, a tea shop, and a dim sum stall inside the market.

Our little boy loves it there too! He likes watching the live fishes in the aquarium. He would then comment and say, "Nam! Nam!". You see, he's seen their potential on the plate! At 1-year-old he's already a foodie just like his daddy. Haha!

If you ever crave for something Asian, do check out 99 Ranch Market. I hope you like it just as how it's our favorite Asian grocery store in Austin, Texas.

And oh, don't forget to check out the Sushi Bar nearby -- Kura Revolving Sushi Bar. They're the best in Austin too. ;)