On Hot Summer Days

It's been really hot in Austin this summer at a 100 degrees Fahrenheit... going up. The weather in this region is dry. You don't sweat that easily. It's scorching outside!

My baby's eczema is flaring. I've been looking and trying out many products on him but nothing seems to work. Ugh... so frustrating!

For 3 months now, I've been serving as backup vocals on our church's Worship Team. It's scary the first time. My previous experience was in the choir where you could be one [voice] with the rest. No big deal.

One time, I've been asked to lead a verse (thank God, not the whole song) once on the spot. The verse of the song felt like the longest I've ever sung my whole life.

I've asked the Lord to step in for me because I know I couldn't do it on my own alone. My husband was operating the slides at that time and he was surprised too.

Since we attend a small church, I had to be okay with sudden changes. I had to come prepared at all times. I've asked my husband to teach me to play the keyboards to accompany me while I practice.

At first,  it was slow and hard. Of course! But I'm starting to feel confident to play by myself now. 

I've also been reading a lot. Oh, I take down notes too. I don't want to miss the very good points. As well as browsing the net. Haha! Reading online counts right?

I've been at home most of the time working and taking care of the baby. I miss socializing and being with others. It makes me sad at times. 

I figured I needed to progress in other areas so I turned to books. All the while reminding myself, that 'I AM' has a plan and a future for me. I may not see it yet but the Lord is working behind the scenes. That's what faith is after all.

Rosegal Vertical Stripe Jumpsuit

P.S.: You might have noticed but I've added a cardigan to my jumpsuit on some photos. That's because I got conscious of my arms. Haha! I know, I better start exercising.

Well then, I hope you have an awesome week!