How to Effectively Clean Hardwood Flooring

How to Effectively Clean Hardwood Flooring
Photo by Tomoko Deguchi on Unsplash

There is a popular myth that wooden flooring is fragile and needs an extensive cleaning process to maintain it well. This couldn’t be further from the truth! There’s plenty you can do to effectively spruce up wooden flooring with just a few essentials and this article will reveal all.

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Once you get your solid hardwood flooring, you will be able to apply the following tips to look after them in the best way.

How To Clean Your Hardwood Floors

You may need a few bits beforehand. Here are some fundamental items you will need to do a good job that lasts: 

  • Special hardwood cleaning solution or spray
  • A good mop (preferably made from microfiber)
  • Bicarbonate soda

This deep cleaning process should be done once every two months so you can experience the long-term benefits of pristine wooden flooring.

Start by spraying a small area with your cleaning solution. After you leave it for a few seconds to soak any stains or grime, wipe it with your mop. This can be done for each area. Keep it manageable by focusing on smaller areas one stage at a time.

When you see any tougher marks, it’s time to get out the baking soda. Once you have it on a cloth or on the mop, scrub the trouble area for a little while until it’s gone. Afterward, rinse the area clean with a piece of kitchen roll or dry cloth.

If you find things aren’t working and the clean is not so effective, it may be time to renew the flooring altogether.

Here are some more tips that you can utilize on a daily or weekly basis to prevent your floors from needing to be replaced. The more you can do the following habits, the better your wooden flooring will be:

1. Limit shoes around the house.

Heels are a definite no-go but if you want to keep dirt and grime to a minimum it’s crucial to take shoes off. The grit can scratch the floor and over time end up ruining the wood permanently.

2. Vacuum on a regular basis.

You want to get in the cracks of the wood and the best way to do this is to vacuum. There are various brushes and attachments you can get to make this process even more effective.

3. Clean up marks as soon as you see them.

As soon as something gets spilled, don’t delay in the cleaning process. The longer you leave it, the more stubborn the marks will get and the harder it is to clean effectively.

As you can see, there’s plenty you can do to clean wooden flooring effectively. Keep this up and your wood will remain pristine and in top condition for a long time to come