Life Lately

Hello there! Well, it's been a month of silence. The silence is because...

I just gave birth to our first child last June. Hurrah! I love my new role as a mommy.

Leaving behind my IT Career of 9 Years to be a Full-Time Mom?

I've always wanted to go full-time even before getting my Bachelor's Degree. This is because I wanted to be there and see our children grow up.


I never thought this decision would be so hard to make a decade after. I mean, really really hard. 

I know the value of hard work. In fact, I was a working student in college. Being solely dependent on my husband for our living expenses is a huge adjustment for me.

But who knows? I might change my mind later on.

Body Changes and Stretch Marks

Unfortunately, I've gained uncontrollably during this pregnancy. I've also suffered from the PUPPS rash, which, by the way, only happens in 1 out of 200 pregnant women. And stretch marks are unavoidable due to genetics. Sigh! My body is no longer the same. Huhu!

But that's okay because the joy of having our baby is greater that these things don't matter anymore.

On Blogging

Now that I no longer have a job I'm thinking of blogging full-time. It's no secret that people earn a living out of it.

The only pet peeve I have with blogging is that you have to be active on social media. Um, can I just focus on the blog content? Unfortunately, collaboration work wants you to be social. :(

But, I'm still going to take it easy because our baby's schedule is crazy.

So yeah, that's about it from me. I hope you had an amazing time. Have an awesome week!