Traveling to Batam Indonesia: A Travel Guide

This is gonna be the last post of my Batam series of posts. Here I'll be sharing facts, observations, mistakes and what to try when in Batam. You might want to check out my previous posts: Batam City Tour and Harmoni One Hotel Batam.

Batam Facts

  • 40 years ago Batam is a bigger island than Singapore. Singapore reclaimed land for Suntec City and Marina Bay Sands so Singapore is the bigger island presently.
  • When you visit Batam, you'll become a rich man/millionaire because 1 SGD (Singapore Dollars) is equivalent to 10,000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah). Note: This is base on the exchange rate on our visit to Batam, Indonesia last February 8, 2014.

Traveling to Batam Indonesia: A Travel Guide

The Experience

  • Batam is an hour ferry ride from Singapore. It's an hour behind Singapore. So if you get on a ferry ride to Batam from Singapore at 8:00 am you'll arrive in Batam, Indonesia at 8:00 am too.
  • The locals' mode of transportation is motorcycles. 
  • Avoid buying at tourist trap areas. If you can, visit malls and shops not part of the city tour as it's cheaper.
  • Hotel stays in Batam is very affordable. We checked-in at Harmoni One Hotel which is actually part of the voucher we bought.

Traveling to Batam Indonesia: A Travel Guide

Here's a tourist shot of me at the hotel. You might want to check out my outfit post: Black Short Sleeve Top x Vertical Striped-Skirt.

My Mistake

During the tour, you'll encounter vendors selling turtle eggs. Out of curiosity, I wanted to try one. These turtle eggs are sold in sets. 5 cooked turtle eggs costs Rp 70,000. It's about the size of a ping pong ball and the shell is very pliable.

I tried a small portion. Turtle eggs are slimy with thick consistency. It was boiled lightly. I wasn't able to finish the whole thing because I felt guilty. I wonder if it's legal to sell these in Batam. I was too naive to know yet too curious to try. My bad. I'm sorry!

I don't encourage this at all. I found out later that this is actually banned by international laws. Gosh! I felt so bad about this!

Traveling to Batam Indonesia: A Travel Guide

Must Try

Tehbotol is a must-try in Batam. It's not available in Singapore. It tastes like ice tea.

Traveling to Batam Indonesia: A Travel Guide

Back to Singapore

While waiting for your ferry back to Singapore, do feel free to enjoy the free snacks: hot tea and green mung beans soup served by Pacific Ferry Company (still part of the deal). They also have free internet access area and wifi. But honestly, just wait till go get back to Singapore to access the Internet.

Traveling to Batam Indonesia: A Travel Guide

What I Thought

I don't think Batam is a must place to visit but if you're looking for a quick weekend away from the hustle and bustle of Singapore then why not? But if you'd really ask me, I'd rather spent it at Bintan, Indonesia. :D

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