9 Father's Day Gift Ideas Under $100: For Work for The Home Dad

There's no escaping it, with Covid-19 our homes have automatically turned into offices. If you have children at home, toddlers especially,  it's a challenge to give your full focus while the little one is crying, or worst screaming, at your side demanding for attention. Phew!

What's your dad's or husband's home office wishlist? Here I've listed 9 Father's Day Gift Ideas Under $100 for Work for The Home Dad. Check them out below and tell me your favorites.

Father's Day Gift Ideas Under $100: For Work for The Home Dad

1. lap desk with built-in cushion
Our dad works everywhere: at the room office, on the sofa, chair, kitchen table. When he's not on the office table, he uses a pillow as his desk. If your dad does the same, this lap desk is so portable it can be carried anywhere. Plus, it has double bolster cushions which provide comfort and stability.

2. noise-canceling headphones
The headphone promises to significantly muffle down the everyday hustle and bustle of the surroundings which will help dad concentrate on his endless zoom meetings.  It comes with a built-in microphone for a hand-free call.

3. magnetic dry erase board
Excellent for taking notes, to-do lists, capturing ideas, planning. At the same time, it can also be used to attached memos, pictures, messages, and more.

4. external hard drive
This is to backup dad's files. It's important for emergency situations; he won't lose important information. It's compact and easy to use.

5. self-cleaning water bottle
I've never heard of it until writing this post. My husband is not a water drinker but I sure want him to be one. Is your dad the same? Why not get him a cool water bottle that cleans on itself? It can turn any water source into clean drinkable water. Awesome!

6. cord organizer
Neatly hide unattractive power strips, adaptors, and excess cord length from piling up on dad's home office floors or desk with this cord organizer. It also protects small children and pets from directly touching the power strips and other electrical equipment.

7. charging station
I want to borrow the phone. This is the most use sentence of our almost 3-years-old. He likes to take videos and photos or watch his own dance videos. As a result, our gadgets are usually depleted of batteries when we need them. How many charging stations do you have at home? Why not organize them into one?

8. noise-canceling earbuds
This is the same with #2 but the lightweight version. Quells noise in the cafe, library, city traffic, or airplane cabin, so dad can focus on what he needs to hear. It's also great for outdoor activities like jogging or taking afternoon walks.

9. shredder
Why a shredder you ask? If you don't have one at home get it for dad. It is necessary to safely get rid of important documents, sensitive or confidential information. This shredder also destroys credit cards, CDs, and DVDs (one at a time).

Which item(s) will you most likely add to your cart? My top 3 are this, this and this. Your turn!