Review: JR Watkins Body Oil Mist in Lemon Cream

Mid this year we relocated to Ottawa, Ontario from Austin, Texas. Moving to a new place you've never been to is stressful, but exhilarating at the same time. Whether you like it or not, adjustment is a must. You just have to learn how to live in your new environment! 

Because we move a thousand miles up north, the weather conditions are considerably different from Texas. (Duh, of course, it will be!) Summers are amazing in Canada while winters are crazy cold!

JR Watkins Body Oil Mist in Lemon Cream Product Review

What Happens to Skin During Winter Months?

Dry skin happens because the skin does not retain enough moisture. This is especially common in the winter months because the humidity level is low. Indoor heating is another culprit. It also dries out the skin.

Dry, itchy, flaky skin is uncomfy. As a response, I had to switch up my skincare products when the seasons change. The skin needed the extra boost of hydration when it's freezing outside.

Here I'm going to share with you what I apply on my body throughout the winter season to give it an extra boost of moisture. Keep on reading...

JR Watkins Body Oil Mist in Lemon Cream Product Review

Body Oil

Yes, you read that right! I apply body oil all over myself immediately after I shower. And then layer it with lotion on top. In fact, I'd recommend a body cream rather than a body lotion on colder months because it has more oils compared to the latter. 

Here's my favorite body oil for winter. Since I like variety, I switch it up this time around and use JR Watkins Body Oil Mist in Lemon Cream. 

I chanced upon the JR Watkins brand on a hotel we stayed in, during our 5 Day Road Trip to Quebec + Montreal From Ottawa, Ontario. And I love it! When I saw their body oil line at Walmart, I didn't hesitate to place it on the shopping cart. 

And so here are my thoughts on the JR Watkins Body Oil Mist in Lemon Cream. Scroll down!

JR Watkins Body Oil Mist in Lemon Cream Product Review

Product Review

It delivers! It's super hydrating leaving my skin nourished and moisturized in the winter months. I also like the spray dispenser. You get to control the amount of product use and prevent spills from happening. Plus, affordable too!

I've picked the Lemon Cream scent because I thought it would be zesty. This is not so! It smells more like those lemon cream biscuits minus the zest. How could I miss it? It clearly says 'lemon cream' not 'lemonade' or just 'lemon'. Oh well!

Overall, I'd rate it a 4/5 mostly due to the scent. I'd prefer the zesty scent over the lemon cream scent anytime. However, in terms of moisture and hydration, it delivers!

In Conclusion

Body oils are not only great for the winter months, if you suffer from sensitive skin these are amazing products to use as well.

Here, get your body oils below! 

I hope my product review of JR Watkins Body Oil Mist in Lemon Cream is helpful. Have you tried the JR Watkins brand? What's your favorite? If not, why not give it a go and see for yourself. ;)

Well, you have an awesome day then! Talk to you soon. ;)