Is the Tory Burch Logos Stud Earrings Worth It? -- An Honest Review A Year After

September 12, 2018

Tory Burch Logos Stud Earrings Review

Straight answer, NO. I got mine last year. (Yes, just a year ago.) I did a post on it here. Now, the gold plating has peeled off. (See the edges of the earrings from the photo below.) And one earring stopper got lost. (My fault actually.)

I was looking for earrings that I could wear forever. Really... just go-to earrings for casual outings or church gatherings. Unfortunately, this is not it. It didn't even last a year.

Yes, it's cute, pretty and classy but not worth the money paid for. Also, I don't get to wear it every day. I work from home. I'm only able to wear it once or twice a week.

Tory Burch Logos Stud Earrings Review
Tory Burch Logos Stud Earrings Review

I still love Tory Burch products. I love the brand. Regrettably, the Logos Stud Earrings didn't last long on me. Quality is not at par with the price paid for. I could have gotten similar-priced earrings with better quality from Swarovski Crystals or Pandora.

Are you looking to buy the Logos Stud Earrings from Tory Burch? Personally, If I had read a review like this before, I wouldn't have. But then, that decision is still up to you. ;)

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