Zaful Fall Wishlist

Hola! I've been really busy at work these days. Hence the absence for the last couple of weeks. Hmm.. not a good excuse actually. 

I know I needed to properly plan my week ahead and add lots of discipline. It's tough guys! But no complaints here. I love my working from home. And at the same time taking care of our little toddling boy.

Anyway, this week I will be gracing you guys, with 2 posts. First is my Fall Wishlist from Zaful. Come, let us check out the details below. Keep on reading. ;)

Zaful Fall Wishlist


1- Striped High Neck Sweater
2- Color Block Crop Sweater
3- Soft High Collar Peplum Sweater [also available in deep green]
4- Heart Embroidered Rib Knit Tank Top [also available in black]
5- Ribbed Panel Button Up Cardigan
6- Striped Loose Sweater
7- Open Front Chunky Oversized Cardigan
8- Eyes And Lip Patchwork Ruffles Sweater
9- High Neck Ribbed Sweater

Why am I listing sweaters and cardigans when it's 96 degrees outside? Well.. seasons change fast. Uhuh... real fast. 

I usually buy stuff for fall and winter in spring and summer because of the huge discounts off-season. That also goes the other way around. But hey, Zaful offers lots of promotions too. It's a great option if you're into passing trends.

Stripes, stripes, and more stripes. I love that wishlist #1 is in a neutral color -- although I steer clear from crop tops. But this top will work well with high waisted blacks pants or jeans. 

Wishlist #2 is a cute laidback look for Christmas day. You know during those moments when everybody is opening the Christmas presents. And wishlist #6, well, you need a basic sweater in your closet too. Also the same with wishlist #9.

The heart detail on wishlist #4 is sooo kawaii!! I'll style this look with layers. Like a pink long sleeve shirt underneath. Hmm.. what do you think?

Wishlist #8 is such a fun sweater. Haha! I'm sure someone will eventually say something about it. My husband does. If he sees me wearing a sweater #8, he will surely say something. Haha!

So what is your favorite from the list? Mine would be wishlist #3. I like that it's simple with pretty ruffle detail on the neck area. It's a look I know I can to church.

Also, if you like leopard print dresses. You might want to check out what Zaful offers. Just click the link provided.

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