The #1 Reason Why You Can Never Love Your Mom More Than She Does

Can I be honest with you? This is not an easy topic for me to write. The relationship I have with my mom isn't perfect. I wish I could write all the sweet nothings in the world on my mom's Facebook wall on Mother's Day. But I can't! Words couldn't express the enormous gratitude I have for my mom.

Why You Can Never Love Your Mom More Than She Does

As mentioned earlier, our relationship isn't perfect. Nope! I'm sure you had those days with mom too. We are humans after all. Emotions and egos get in the way. Isn't it true that the person who'll hurt you the most, at the same time you'll hurt the most, is the one closest to you?

The Tragedy that Stole My Mom's Dreams of the Future

My father died young through a tragic accident 10 days after my 7th birthday. My little brother was 3 at that time. Imagine the pain, lost dreams, and unfulfilled plans my mom had gone through raising two little children.

I told you this is hard for me to write. Life has been tough on her. I couldn't grasp the sorrow and misery she had gone through all those years.

The Fighter and the Foolish

What's more! My mom heard negative rumors circulating around regarding her children's future. That I won't be able to finish my studies because someone would impregnate me early on and my little brother would become a drug addict. Seriously?

"How low can you go to break a spirit that's been already crushed?"

I could never understand why some people have the guts to bring others down. Let alone a struggling mother who is already at the lowest point of her life.

A little piece of advice: It's never wise to bring others down. You'll never know what they have gone through or are going through in life. If you can't say something nice then zip it up!

Why You Can Never Love Your Mom More Than She Does

Lemons to Lemonades

I know my mom is a fighter. She never fails to give off a happy facade and loud laugh despite the many challenges she went through. I truly admire her resilience. Life had given her lemons but she turned it into lemonades.

She never remarried because she wanted to protect me from evil. She made sure that we finish our studies to have better lives for ourselves. Well, we turned out just fine. My little brother is now a ship captain seafaring all over the world. And me, well you can read my 'About Me' page. Haha!

The #1 Reason Why You Can Never Love Your Mom More Than She Does

We could never reciprocate the love our mom had for us. It has been said,

"The more you give yourself to someone, the more you will love that someone."

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

It's obvious to me that my mom had made so many sacrifices. She gave up her life, future, and everything else for ours.

We could never outgive the love our moms had for us. A parent's love is always greater than that of a child's. That's the truth! So this Mother's Day or even today, why don't we give our moms a touch, a call, an act of love to show her we appreciate her for all the love she unselfishly gave us.

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