DIY: Home Decor Ideas Using Spray Paint

Hi,  y'all?! What's up? Now that Thanksgiving is over and the weather is getting cooler and cooler, everyone is excited for Christmas. Christmas carols have started to flood our living room and most of our neighbors' front yards have turned into Christmas wonderland.

Ah! I love the Christmas season so much. This' the season to be jolly. :D So what have I been up to? Thanks for asking. ;) Well, I've been busy glamorizing some mundane (most of the time overlook) items at home. 

DIY: Home Decor Ideas Using Spray Paint

I've been greatly inspired to DIY (do-it-yourself) some of my decors at home. Thanks to Pinterest! I don't know why home decors are so expensive but I'm glad there are pools of talented individuals out there, who inspire others with thrift ideas coupled with a little bit of imagination. :D

So I've transformed these items from drab to fab. I've changed the dull gold color of the vase, which I got from Target for $1 USD, from the left to a bright metallic gold color. I've also coated the glass containers from our kitchen with the bright metallic gold color to be used as home decorations. So what's the secret?

Nope. It's no secret at all. Everyone is talking about it on Pinterest.

DIY: Home Decor Ideas Using Spray Paint

It's the Rust-Oleum Metallic Spray Paint in Gold. This spray paint is unbelievably easy to use, even for a novice like me, but it requires lots and lots of patience to which I fail big time. Usually, the coat dries for an hour or two but will be fully dry within 24 hours. Because I'm a little bit impatient, some parts would get smeared from my fingers. Ahaha!

I really love this spray paint! I can't wait to try more projects using this for my home.