Review: bodycology Moisturizing Body Cream with Rich Butter Complex in Whoopsie Daisy

Be blown away as the fresh scent of dewy daisies brightens your mood. ~ bodycology

Do you love the scent of fresh daisies? Honestly, all flowers smell the same to me. Ahahaha! Perhaps it's because of my claims of having a sensitive nose that I've been steering clear of perfumes, lotions, and fragrances that seems unfamiliar.

I think, my adventurous side started to surface when I got married. Hubby always compliments me when I smell good and it honestly makes me happy. I mean, who doesn't?! Hehehehe! Since then I've been on the hunt for irresistible body products. ;)

bodycology Moisturizing Body Cream with Rich Butter Complex in Whoopsie Daisy Product Review
And oh, before doing the review I'd like to give a shoutout to my willing and able Bermudas at the backyard for lending me their beauty for this photo opt. Ahahaha! #lame

bodycology's moisturizing body cream with a rich butter complex is recommended for daily rejuvenation. Simply smooth over the skin giving you special care to dry or rough areas with long-lasting hydration.

The product is formulated with rich butter complex containing Shea, Cocoa & Jojoba butters, this luxurious cream penetrates the skin to leave it feeling soft for hours. ~ bodycology


bodycology's moisturizing body cream with comes in a tube plastic bottle with portraits of cute daisies, enjoying being daisies, in a perfect sky. Aaaahh!! I could hear the hills, the springs, and the weekend calling me again. Hehehe! Now back to my thoughts on this moisturizing body cream from bodycology. Check it out below.

  • Nice packaging.
  • Affordable. I bought it for $3.97 at Walmart.
  • This body cream is very moisturizing. It gives you soft skin for hours and takes care of those dry and rough areas as it claims to be.
  • Easy to apply. The product is easily dispensed from the tube.

  • I find the consistency rather sticky. Perhaps it's just me.
  • I don't like scent. Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against daisies. Ahahaha! It's just that I find the scent to be a bit strong. 

Also, I'm an SPF / sunscreen lady. I don't know about you but I find it of utmost importance to apply SPF / sunscreen especially when I go out. #loveyourskin yall. :D Unfortunately, this body cream doesn't have it but it's still okay since I'm working from home and I still need body creams or lotions to moisturize my skin. ;)

Have you tried product's from bodycology. How do you find it? Do share your thoughts with me too in the comment section below.