Living Room Interior Ideas May 2020

It looked so nice and stylish in the photo. The husband waited for my response. He was looking for my agreement on the matter.

Puzzled, I asked what he is referring to. Oh, you mean the blue sofa? Of course! From that quick exchange, I was inspired to curate a living room interior design idea. Haha! Before you check them out below, let's chat a little bit.

At first, I thought to get white but I had a toddler at home. It wouldn't be wise to get white. Never did I regretted that decision. Ours had gone through a lot: food leftovers, bouncy toddler,  dirty little hands, relocation from Texas, USA to Canada. And it still looked beautiful. Yes, didn't you just read the husband's compliment earlier?

The velvet material is so much easier to clean. It looked high-end too. In fact, I only use a kitchen towel to clean ours. I wet it with water. Sometimes, I vacuum to pick up the little crumbs dropped by the toddler. Here's how ours look in our living room when we still live in Texas.

If you're thinking about how to style your blue sofa, check out what I've come up with below.

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one  |  Last week, I've made a list of bright and airy curtain ideas. Check it out here. I prefer our living room bright. As much as possible, I want to let all the sunlight in without sacrificing privacy. So I looked for light materials like linen or a linen look-alike. This one fits the bill. You can choose white. Natural is a more classic look. This also has a blackout lining option if you want to filter the light coming in.

two  |  Modern and minimalistic. Abstract with a neutral palette. Structured and textured. What's not to love? This artwork is available in different sizes too.

three  |  Love the brass and walnut finish in this. The arms are adjustable too. That means you can style it however you want it to look in your living room.

four  |  Of course, the star of this list. This has a feminine twist to the classic Chesterfield sofa. Love the soft curls and gorgeous tufting which runs to the back. You can also customer this in other colors.

five  | Clean lines complemented by sophisticated details. Definitely love the birchwood caning on the underarms and the graceful brass-capped on the feet. It perfectly matched the light fixture in #3.

six  | Persian-style patterns with scrolling medallion centers and two borders. It is detailed with distressed accents and awash in tones of brown and blue. Here's another option in oriental brown

seven  |  Simple yet stunning. Modern and grounded. This coffee table is sanded down and stained to a rich tobacco shade to show off the natural grain for a stunning finish.

Which item in the list you'd love to add in your living room? Truthfully, I love all of them. My top 3 would be this, this and this. Your turn!