Rosegal Home Decor Ideas for the Budget Conscious

Hey ladies, as promised here is part 2 of my posts of the week. This time I've round up 11 home decor ideas from Rosegal. Do check out the first part of this week's posts: Zaful Fall Wishlist.

Do you enjoy putting things together? I do. After moving into our home [#2] end of last year, I wasted no time browsing Pinterest for interior design ideas. [Yeah, I did it before too. Haha.] And it's 'oh-so' overwhelming! 

After extravagantly using all those hours [yeah, cause I got loooots of free time] looking for endless home inspirations, I finally managed to find the style that I like the most - a mix of modern + traditional styles. [Well, that's just how I feel my current home interior looks like. It's subjective you see.]

But for this post, I'm doing something different. I'm taking the Boho Chic Homestyle approach. Come, let's check out that picks I've curated below.

Home Decor Ideas for the Budget Conscious

All The Deets

1- Pink Flamingos Wall Art
2- Hand-knitted Macrame Plant Hanger
3- Led Powered Decorative Light
4- Natural Seaweed Storage Basket
5- 'Travel the World' Linen Pillow Cover
6- Succulent Ceramic Plant Pots with Treetop Shelf
7- Bird Cage Wall Shelves
9- Sunflower Print Tulle Window Curtain
10- Cactus Jewelry Ring Dish [available in other colors]
11- Ombre Feather Print Linen Pillow Cover

The things that come to my mind when we talk about Boho Chic Interior Decor are:

  • lots of greenery
  • bold and colorful prints and patterns
  • and the mixture of wooden & metallic elements. 

Thus the explanation for my picks above. But I do admit I still stayed on the safe side.

Those decorative lights (pick#3) adds a dreamy and warm aspect to the home. The wall canvas print 'Everyday is a Chance to Change your Life' (pick#8) motivates us to continually pursue growth. I must say that it's very encouraging to read every single day. And I like those birdcage wall shelves too (pick#7).

So what's your favorite from the picks above? And why? If I'm only going to pick one, it would be the wall canvas print (pick#8).

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Well then, Have a wonderful weekend y'all!